Hockey Night In High Level

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I’ve discovered live streaming video on the CBC website, showing coverage of playoff hockey games. It’s a very small screen, but it’s live and thanks to high-speed internet, it’s pretty smooth – not too many jerky moments or other technical problems. The only real problem is that the puck is about the size of a single pixel, so I track the position of the puck more by the body language of the players – I can see them handling it and passing/receiving a pass as they go. As I type this – I’m a good multitasker – I am watching the second overtime period that the Vancouver Canucks are playing against the Anaheim Ducks – oh sh*t! Anaheim just scored! Well, I was about to say that the Canucks had to do or die in this series – in this overtime! – to keep going. And I guess they didn’t – I thought there was going to be a penalty when a Canuck hit the ice hard, but about 2 seconds later, a shot was made and the amazing Vancouver goalie, Luongo, was distracted ’cause he thought there was going to be a penalty too, and then he didn’t see the puck coming, a slow shot from a long way off! Granted, Vancouver was pretty outclassed for most of the series, so they did well to make it as far as they did. Luongo is one of my favourite players, and it’s sad to see him collapse on the ice in defeat – yet he stopped something like 56 shots in the game! That’s amazing! So, it’s a sad day for Vancouver fans.
The reason I was excited to find streaming video on the CBC website is because I don’t have television. Yup, you read that right – no satellite dish, no cable, no airwaves. I own a television set, but I don’t receive any transmissions. Not that I haven’t wanted it at times… March was particularly bad… but I have resisted the temptation. I do watch videos – Star Trek The Next Gen episodes, or movies – but I find that it doesn’t consume time like television does, where you just channel-hop and before you know it, hours of your life are gone forever. Just think, even if you spend only 2 hours a day watching TV, which is really not that much, that’s going to be 14 hours per week, 60 hours a month, and about 730 hours a year, which is about 30 days!! That’s a month of TV every year! What else could be done with that time, eh? It’s pretty wild to think about!
Well, that’s about as philosophical as I am going to get today! Hope you are all doing well… Take care.


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