Cat Capers

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Oh my silly, silly cat! Yesterday we had a nice, muddy adventure when, for about 15 minutes, I lost my cat. I was looking for him everywhere – pretty sure he had last gone outside – leaving no stone unturned, so to speak. The stones in my yard are quite small, prohibitively small in fact to hide one large, black fluffy cat. In the end I found him 3 yards over, laying on the sidewalk of my co-worker (Earl) as if he owned the place! Which led me to think that something unhealthy must have transpired regarding Earl’s dog… surely it would have scared Eddie away! Perhaps it died over the winter…? Anyhow, upon further investigation, I found that Eddie had been pushing on the chain-link fence, to the point that there is quite a large (large enough for Eddie!) space under the fence that runs between my yard and the yard next door, the yard where no one lives. On the other side, I still have the same neighbours with the same dog (small but feisty, and lately quite barky), so at least I know Eddie will not escape in that direction!! Oh, and when I found him, I went to retrieve him, but he hid under Earl’s quad, parked in his yard! So I managed to haul him out from under it and retreat to my own yard, during which egress Eddie started making the most unsavoury noises, similar to those he used to make while I clipped his claws (he has been getting used to that and doesn’t protest quite as much). If cats could talk… well, I guess he was talking, and if I could translate, it would roughly be “You mean owner, you put me down this minute!! This isn’t funny… put me down now! Don’t try take my freedom away, or I’ll pee in your shoe one day…” Once inside, still clinging to the furry ball, I went straight to the upstairs bathroom and attempted to wash his muddy paws – he left so many brown splatter marks all over the area around the sink, it looked more like I had been attempting to bathe a dog! I was impressed, though he was not. But his paws were simply too dirty to allow him to traipse all over the house like that, so a little water was in order. He seemed to forgive me quickly; perhaps he was glad I had saved him many mouthfuls of mud! 🙂
This evening, I put a piece of wood over the hole and let the little booger back outside. He’s taken up a post right beside the bird feeder (see picture). I tried to explain to him that the birds are smart and if they see him there, they won’t come, but he didn’t seem to get it. Sometimes, he is so much like a human, it’s quite amazing! Always thinking the grass is greener in the neighbour’s lawn (in fact, mine is looking the greenest, now that 90% of the snow is gone), always wanting to escape (even though he’s got it so good!), and understimating the intelligence of others. 🙂
That’s all for now! Take care, everyone!


One thought on “Cat Capers

    Patricia said:
    April 16, 2007 at 3:29 pm

    Ter, that’s just TOO FUNNY! Bruce has been very interested in the weather outside since it’s warmed up. Will have to let him out one of these days…

    Hope you’re feeling better and that the flu has gone. Sorry we missed you on Friday night. Will try to catch up with you this week!

    Love ya,


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