A Great Day to Be Covered in Black Fur

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Today was a great day to be covered in black fur! Eddie was one happy kitty – he is now passed out on my arm as I type, making happy little sleeping noises with the occasional sigh. 🙂 It was somewhat sunny out, with that kind of cloud that the sun can still shine through. It was a little breezy, and the temperature was just a bit above zero. It’s the first above-zero temperatures we’ve had in over a week – it got all nice and springy after my last blog, and then last weekend, we got hit with a yucky, very windy snowstorm. I almost got stuck a couple times in my back parking area, due to drifts, and now it’s almost completely clear of snow – yippee for pavement showing! 🙂 I almost got my winter tires taken off before that storm and I was super-glad I didn’t. Now I might, though… but that’ll probably jinx us again for more snow.
I have had the flu lately, and have been almost completely house-bound for the last 3 days. It started a little on Wednesday night on my way home after visiting Ryan… well, I guess I have some catch-up work to do! I have a boyfriend now, his name is Ryan and he’s a local pilot! He’s very nice and I like him a lot. We talk about planes a lot, as you might expect, and I enjoy spending time with him! He gets called to cover in the relatively-nearby town of Fort Vermilion from time to time, which was the case on Tuesday. Normally, it’s just an inconvenience, but Wednesday was his birthday so I drove to Fort to see him. It was cool… I had heard him talk about it there, but it was neat to see their set up and meet a bunch of people he works with – lots of people were around that day, including the company owner. We went for lunch and I gave him his birthday present, which he really liked – skidoo boots! And a couple bottles of wine, and a few smaller things. I was in a bit of a flap about what to get for him, so I was so happy that he liked it! It is so nice to buy something for someone who you care about and have them really like the gift and feel like you really got the right thing! It was something he needed, too… he’s originally from Victoria and did not have winter boots whatsoever – now he has super-boots good for about 16 inches of snow and temps down to -73 C! Which I hope we never see!! I am so happy, and of course with the relationship in the wonderful new stage, I get a glowy feeling when I think of him! 🙂
I can’t wait til this flu is over… I felt quite good this morning and was all set to go to work, but after being up for a while, I started to feel worse again. I alternate between feeling hungry and queasy, and I wonder if the hunger is making me queasy, but I am leary to eat too much and tax my poor digestive system. I shall say no more of my digestive system, lest I lose any blog readers I might have left!! I felt good enough to go see my chiropractor, though… I’ve had fierce back pain for over a day (in addition to the flu-aches), and he was able to help a bit. So that’s what’s been new with me! I’ve been doing some reading lately, which I’ll blog about another time!
Hope the flu bug stays far away from you! Take care everybody!


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