When Will it be Over?

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I don’t want to sound like a whiner. I really don’t. But winter just won’t loosen it’s icy grip on us here in High Level, and it’s getting a little hard to take! I love Canada, but I am really REALLY ready for spring. It was -33 last night!! I would know, I worked the midnight shift – finally, the last one of a stretch of 9! Maybe I’m just tired in general and tired of being nocturnal! It takes a toll on my body, and my appetite gets weird – either I’m really hungry or not at all – and my sleep patterns, obviously, get a bit weird… but all that aside, there are definite signs that winter isn’t over yet:
– windchills of -40!
– snow storms every second day
– if it’s clear, it’s bloody cold!
– drifts that cross (or almost cross) the road
– getting stuck in parking lots
– sliding around on the roads in town
– haven’t seen any wildlife in weeks
– snow piles that keep getting bigger and bigger (when they plow)

I just realized that most of the things on that list relate to how POORLY the town of High Level clears our roads – it’s completely ridiculous! On residential streets, it can take a WEEK for the plows to go by! One nice thing is that the sun is starting to give a little heat, and my car interior actually warms up a bit when parked in the sun. And the days are continually getting longer, which is also nice. Now if only the temperatures would go up!! I know spring is on its way… now I’d just like to see a little evidence of it!
In sweeter news… I am happy to report that the cheesecake turned out great! The crust was a bit too sweet for me, and it didn’t look perfect, but it tastes great! I have been exercising restraint, too, and haven’t eaten very much of it. 🙂 The raspberries and chocolate was an excellent choice for flavouring… absolutely delicious!
Take care, everyone! That’s all for now.


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