A Little Advice…

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May I start this blog with a small piece of advice for anyone who bakes: when trying to remove the beaters from a hand-mixer, un-plug it first!! I have managed to splatter cheesecake batter all over my kitchen! (I accidentally started the mixer while trying to pull the beaters out! Nope, I’m not hurt and the laughter probably did me good!) And yes, you read that right – cheesecake batter. I woke up this morning (evening) thinking “I should make a cheesecake” so I did. As usual, I didn’t quite have all the ingredients for a single recipe, so I adapted one – a plain cheesecake recipe from The Joy of Cooking cookbook – and then decided to add some flavouring… I thawed some frozen raspberries, added some sugar, melted some chocolate, and voila! I have a neapolitan-coloured marble cheesecake in my oven right now! I hope it works out good – in reading the cookbook I learned there are many bad things that can happen to a cheesecake on the way to being done. I thought they were easy! Anyhoo, I will let you know how it turns out. And I will be going on the treadmill a lot more in the next few days! I figure I’d rather eat what I want and if it’s really high in calories, burn some off by skiing or walking/running. I might even go swimming. I’d rather ski, but it’s still pretty cold here… -25 with the windchill at the moment. The high for later this week is -7 though! Woo hoo!
I’ve been on midnight shifts lately, so I haven’t been getting much done. I have 2 packages that have been waiting for 4 days to be mailed, but I can’t get to the post office, ’cause they’re open exactly when I sleep! Maybe tomorrow, I will be able to say up until 9 am and get them in the mail! Thanks for your patience, Gina and Anita! 🙂 Not much else to report… I’ve been sleeping pretty good, although I didn’t sleep enough for the first couple nights. I was the lucky one who got to work over the time change so at precisely 2:00 am I switched all the station clocks forward. And I got to work one hour less, which was kind of nice. I still wish I lived in Saskatchewan where they don’t fuss with clock-changing twice a year. I think it’s actually rather silly – as if our evenings aren’t long enough in the summer! It’s discrimination against morning people, too, if you think about it. They get gyped out of an hour of sunlight just so the evening people can party longer. Doesn’t seem fair! 🙂
Anyhow, I should get going… have to check on the cheesecake. I won’t really know if it turned out until tomorrow, ’cause it’s supposed to be refrigerated for 12 hours or so. Like I said, I’ll keep you posted!


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