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Man, do we have snow in High Level! We got totally dumped on last week (within the last 7 days) and it’s piling up and piling up… I’ve often thought that I prefer a snowy winter to a rainy one (like Vancouver gets), but at least rain doesn’t pile up! It just runs down the drain – very clean! Mind you, snow makes everything look nice and clean, but I hate to think of all the MUD this snow will produce when it melts in the spring! I hope it doesn’t get too warm too fast, or it will be really bad! I got to thinking about how much time we spend just moving it around… I suspect the average Canadian (okay, northern Canadian, Calgarians not included, chinookers!) spends upwards of 5 years of their life shovelling or otherwise moving snow around! 🙂 For all that, we should be totallly buff, but for the invention of the snowblower! The again, when you start talking about 2-4 foot snowdrifts (which we had last week), a shovel just won’t cut it! Even the plows were getting stuck… And thus clearing snow becomes major work. But we might as well play in it, too, eh? It truly is skidoo country. I’ve been tempted to buy one lately, but I guess I will stick with the slower but cheaper/healthier alternative – cross-country skiing. I was looking into snowshoeing, too, so if you know anyone with snowshoes for sale, let me know!
Uh oh, I feel myself waxing philosophical… You know, for all the very real obstacles that the snow drifts and snow piles make, they’re temporary. Yup, they make getting around a bit of a challenge (I decided last week that it was not a good idea to try push 2 feet of snow with my car!) and the snow creates a lot of extra work, but it’s just a season – literally! So it is with troubles and obstacles in our lives. They are temporary, even the ones that seem to continue on for months or years. Troubles spanning years are hard to endure, for sure, but remember that on the timescale of our life, it’s not that long. And even if trials stretch on, it’s still just a drop of water in the ocean of eternity. Though in the middle of winter, it’s hard to believe, all the snow will melt and leave no trace behind.
*disclaimer: I did not take the picture that I’ve included in this blog. I just felt it needed a photo, but it’s way too cold to take a camera outside (-27 C this morning)! Take care everybody!


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