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I had today off and have been blessed to have some time to really sit and THINK! I find that lately I trudge through my days – and shovel, and trudge and shovel – and don’t really think about what is going on around me and how I am reacting to it. Today, though, I had time to think and also to call a couple friends of mine and read a long email from another good friend. In all this, I came to realize something… just now, as I am heading off to bed. I realized that we as humans place so much value on outward appearances that we often totally miss what’s under the surface – the deeper, invisible things. (Like we’ll notice if a co-worker or neighbour has gained or lost weight, but we won’t know if they are happy or unhappy lately.) As evidence of this weird, short-sighted vision, we place FAR too much importance on what other people think and far too little importance on what God thinks, or how our clean connection with God is. (We’re never disconnected from God, but like copper wires, the connection can get corroded and bent.) A friend recently said how he hesitates to contact people who are tried and true friends, simply because he thinks he might be awkward or uncomfortable and what would the other person think?!?! Well, if they’re a friend, they’ll be glad to hear from you and not care about much else (and certainly not be critical). And so what if someone is critical? It’s their problem (being overly critical) not a problem with you, and all you can do is control what you do (to the best of your ability) and not worry so much about what someone else does (or thinks). Another sad piece of evidence is when one person tells another “well, you don’t look sick” when the person is struggling with depression. Of course they don’t LOOK sick! It’s an interior problem, it’s not a broken leg! But again, the person who said this was obviously only looking at the outside (and being very insensitive, I might add)… and I bet if they looked really closely, they could have seen subtle differences, but at first glance, depression is invisible. But it’s just as real as a broken leg, but frankly is more common and takes longer to heal.
So how can we spend more time seeing the invisible and putting value where it should be? Well, we’ll never see the invisible, but we can certainly remind ourselves that what we see is only a part of reality, and there’s a hidden, inner component that we have to look harder, and listen carefully, to be able to get a glimpse of. And it probably starts with looking inside ourselves, and not being so consumed by our physical appearance and physical situation. Think if people’s inside/emotional/spiritual health showed on their outside – some “beautiful” people would look like old hags and mentally disabled people might be the most beautiful of all! An interesting thing to think about!
I know I haven’t been blogging as often as I once did, but lately I just haven’t felt like it. I’ve been a bit busier, with some volunteering, which is nice. And I’ve been busy with all the snow we’ve been having… I had to wade through a waist-high snowdrift the other day, and I’ve never been in that much snow before (and wondering if I would make it through)!! And my poor back from shovelling… I guess I’ll live. I have midnight shifts coming up, so I’ll work on some thoughts for future blogs. I have many more deep thoughts to share, but I will have to spend some time getting them into a form that will make sense on this blog. That’s all for now, then! Take care, everybody!


One thought on “What We See

    Patricia said:
    March 9, 2007 at 3:03 pm

    Hey Ter,

    Thanks for sharing these with us. I, for one, am glad you keep doing this!! Sorry we didn’t get to talk this week. Where does the time go?!?!

    Love you,


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