The Right Kind of Confidence

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Hi everybody! In case you haven’t guessed, I have been busy lately! I can’t believe it’s been nearly 20 days since I blogged last!! Actually, I have a bit of a social life now, all of a sudden, overnight! 🙂 And I’ve started volunteering at the Women’s Support Centre, which I really enjoy, and have been busy helping prepare for the open house on Saturday. Tidying, cleaning, sorting, and soon to be painting! So, Eddie misses me and gives me dirty looks sometimes when I leave too early to be going to work. In fact, sometimes he gives me dirty looks when I am going to work, but I just remind him that someone needs to bring home the cat food (and it certainly isn’t him)! 🙂
I’ve been thinking lately about humility and confidence. I feel like sometimes I am not a very humble person, and I wonder why. It’s not that I am cocky or annoying, but just not as humble as I could be. And we all know that too much pride is a bad thing – besides making a person unbearable to be around, it can actually get him or her in trouble by making them feel indestructable, not to mention making it impossible for them to learn and listen to God. So where is the balance between huge pride and self-degradation? And false humility is just as bad as pride, I think, since it tries to fool others, and even the person himself, and I think God doesn’t like that very much either. I guess maybe it boils down to how we see ourselves… if we are genuinely good at something, it’s not right to pretend we aren’t, but the real error comes in when we think that being good at that thing makes us better than another person, on the whole. When in reality, we are all exactly the same in God’s eyes… I truly believe that! A lady said recently that there’s a difference between a creation of God and a child of God. All people (and even all things) are creations of God but not everyone is a child of God. But then I said, but who’s to say who is a true child of God and who isn’t? We can’t see the true feelings of another’s heart! So I guess knowing our place in the world (below God, far, far below, but higher than the earthworms and tadpoles) is important in having the right confidence. Also knowing how much God loves us gives us the right kind of confidence – that no mistake, flaw, award or accomplishment changes how much He loves us one iota. That’s an underused word, iota, and I think it applies here perfectly.
Well, iota go. 🙂 Take care everybody! 🙂


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