It’s Fate!!

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So, I didn’t mean to say in my last blog that we are strictly along for the ride of life and have absolutely no say in what happens. (That why I gave the ducklings paddles.) 🙂 Can you imagine someone attributing everything that happens to fate?

Bud woke up, found clothes on the floor of his bedroom and decided it was fate that he should wear them. A hollow feeling in his stomach led him into the kitchen. There seemed to be bread and a toaster oven coincidentally close together on the counter, so he decided it was meant to be for breakfast. He put the bread in the toaster, hit the first button he saw, and went to get some water. His tongue was dry and was going to need some water if he was going to talk today. There were 2 taps available to him and he pondered them for some time, trying to decide which one was the one God wanted him to use. He then smelled an interesting smell and noticed the air turning blue, so he thought the blue tap was the tap to use. But, a flash of red from the corner of his eye suggested perhaps the tap on the left. Unable to decide, he turned to the toaster and saw lovely yellow flames. Clearly a sign from God (as God often speaks through fire), he realized that water wasn’t meant to be. He sat down on a chair to thank God for showing him this truth and prayed for his 15 minutes or so. When he opened his eyes, it was remarkably difficult to see and breathe, but it looked nice outside, so he opened the door and thanked God for the fresh air…

Obviously, you can’t live your life this way!! Completely waiting for fate or a sign from God, to the point where you won’t lift a finger or make a decision. Although we are to seek God (or consult with a higher power, however you want to look at it), we are also meant to take action when it is required, and to make decisions in our lives, even when we don’t have a clear-cut sign about what to do. Or, we may have a “gut feeling” about doing something, or an instinct, but we don’t listen to it and we deny that it has any validity, and I think in that way, we can stay in a rut when we could get out. Sometimes friends or family members may help to push us out of our comfort zone, too, which is good if we’ll listen. It’s interesting to think about how much of our lives are decisions we make, or things that just seem to happen outside of our control. And are all (or any) of those things acts of God? And is every good decision “meant to be” and every bad decision a mistake? We learn from our mistakes, and learning is good… So although we aren’t in complete control (and if we think we are, we’re fooling ourselves) nor are we completely at the whim of fate/destiny or on God’s marionette strings. Like so many other things in life, the trick is in the balancing. That’s what I think… leave comments if you think differently! 🙂
That’s all the musings for today!! Take care everybody! 🙂


2 thoughts on “It’s Fate!!

    Anonymous said:
    February 23, 2007 at 9:58 pm

    I am on the verge of telling you, if I don’t rein it in, only slightly less than my life’s story, so that you’ll understand that what I struggle with now is very much about fate, control, destiny and purpose. I’ve heard the phrase “meant to be” often enough to make me suspect this is a kind of cop-out for many people–a way to avoid owning the consequences of a decision, or to lessen the pain of misfortune. (But then, I don’t know how it works, and neither does anybody else for sure.) If we surrender fully to the “meant to be” idea, aren’t we saying that the universe, and therefore our lives, is unfolding deterministically? And who, or what, is guiding, or controlling, it? Do we have any say in it? I like to think that God, whom we could trust, is at the helm, but he’s given us free will and responsibility. Hmmm. I think you’re right that we have a duty to make decisions, as best as possible, in the matters that face us, and that these have some (but not total) effect on our journeys. Just as we can take action to point ourselves in directions before taking first (often tentative) steps, we have equal power to act in making course corrections. But when we’re not certain where we should go, or how to get there, we can start doubting ourselves and losing confidence. And consequently, not choosing, and not acting. That’s where others can help, but sometimes we’re too proud to ask for it, and maybe too stubborn (read: afraid to leave our comfort zones) to do what’s advised. But we certainly do learn from our mistakes (painful as they often are). Oh yes. Our hope is that there is time and opportunity to use the wisdom to try again and “get it right”, and that the lesson doesn’t leave too big a scar. And the mistake-makers are the best ones to comfort and advise the newbies; they understand. When you’re not a child anymore–told what to do–and must make choices at many turns in life (trivial and important, but often we don’t know which are which!), we crave the comfort of knowing that we’re doing the right things–that we’re good people. Our friends and families, by loving us then, can be what we need, and may be all we have. Despite best intentions, outcomes, good or bad, we often can’t control. But we can try our best in an untried life, and we all deserve credit for that at least.

    Teresa said:
    March 10, 2007 at 3:12 pm

    Thanks for commenting Dave! That’s some serious thinking… Just remember, there are no “good people.” None of us are really good, for if some were, that would make them better, and none of us are better than any others. We are all just people, doing the best we can (as you said in your last sentence).
    Take care!

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