Yellow Ducklings

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Isn’t it odd how I can’t stand the 40-W bulb of the lamp in the morning, but love to soak in the 1300+W* light of the sun? It’s all relative, and it all depends on my perspective. That same 40-W bulb that is blindingly bright first thing in the morning seems dark when I come in from a bright room later in the day. Once my eyes adjust, I can see quite fine, read books, sort clothes, whatever needs doing.
I think it’s similar in life. What seems unbearably painful at first – death of a spouse, illness of a child – can, surprisingly, be adapted to and life can be lived quite well. It’s the initial situation and adjusting that is so rough, but after awhile, we get used to living in that kind of light, and go about our lives. I think we can even be happy in the same situation which only days before caused us great pain.
I think we don’t often realize and appreciate the skill of adapting that God gave us. When we’re able to adjust, and all goes well, we take it for granted (as we often do with gifts). It’s a little cliché, but it’s like the tree that can bend in the wind will not break in the storm. So we have to be able to bend. And remember that it’s not the bending of the tree that makes the wind (although on a windy day, I sometimes watch the trees and imagine that they have muscles and are frantically pushing the air around, causing the wind).
When we have difficulty adapting, whether because of acute stress or mental illness, that’s when life becomes really hard, because life is always changing. Life is not a rock, it’s the river flowing around the rock, ever-changing, rippling, moving and reacting. And we are the yellow ducklings (with little paddles) along for the ride.
Next blog, how to change your own destiny, take control of your life, and make a million dollars in 3 easy steps!! Ha ha! 🙂 Take care, everyone!
*1366 W per square meter 🙂


One thought on “Yellow Ducklings

    Patricia said:
    February 5, 2007 at 4:41 pm

    I like this Ter. All so true.

    Sorry we missed talking again this weekend. I wasn’t feeling very good. Better today, just in time to go back to work, why is that??

    Love ya, and thinking of you often.


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