Where There’s Smoke…

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…there’s a lumber mill! Lately, the mill in town has been creating huge plumes of smoke, that travel for miles in a gross brown smudge across the sky. And if there’s a temperature inversion (a layer of warmer air aloft), the smoke only goes up a little ways (until it hits the warmer air) and then travels horizontally. It’s so obvious, and one day, I actually was reporting it in my weather observations as a cloud layer, because it was so distinct. What’s really bad, though, is the ash that is deposited on everything! Apparently, when the wood shavings (or whatever they are burning) doesn’t burn at a high enough temperature (like when it’s -30, that might be a problem), there is a lot of ash produced, which falls on everything for miles around. One evening I thougth it was snowing lightly, but it was ash falling from the sky!! For a second, I felt like I was on the set of that quite-badly-done volcano movie “Dante’s Peak!!” 🙂 One day, beautiful pristine snow in my backyard, the next, a layer of black crud dusted on the snow, like icing sugar on a cake, only reverse (black on white instead of white on black). Yuck! The beautiful white snow is one of the best parts of winter – I’m trying to think of some other good parts, but none come to mind… oh, yes, the northern lights, when we get ’em. And I hear from friends in Sudbury that they had a green Christmas (though it was probably more brown in reality) and have just recently got a little snow – you can have some of ours! Actually, we don’t have that much, it’s just that it’s been so very cold, none of it has melted, and the winds have been blowing it around. Fun, fun! But I went skiing again today, ’cause it wasn’t too cold, so I guess that’s another good thing about winter – winter sports. I think I might go skating next… and I really should get some tobogganing in, too! 🙂 I’m not sure if it counts as a sport, but it ought to count as exercise!
That’s all my ramblings for now… I have some thoughts about my cat that I’ll share next time, maybe. Take care everybody, and keep warm!


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