Minus 28

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Minus 28. This is not an amazing golf score, or the number of points that the Canadian dollar fell today. And it’s not just the answer to that much-pondered question “what is 2 minus 30?” No, this my friends, was the temperature in Celcius in High Level today. All day. It’s the kind of weather that really makes me wish I was a grizzly bear, so I could hibernate the winter away. But no, I had to work a day shift today, and the only thing keeping me from complaining about this fact is another fact that I did not have to work outside today! I gained new respect for the young man who works as a refueler at the airport. (A refueler is basically a person who pumps gas for airplanes.) He was bundled up to the point that only his eyes were showing, with icicles growing on his toque and scarf, and he filled plane after plane… it was a moderately busy day! What a trooper. Therefore I will not complain about how quickly skin freezes – Oh, I forgot to mention that with the gusty winds we were having, the winchill was between -40 and -50 C!!! Crazy. I will be glad when this cold snap breaks. Granted, we could have had the nasty snowstorm that southern parts of Alberta were getting, but in comparing temperatures, it was balmy down there! Brother. Double-heaters for the car tonight (block heater and internal heater). 🙂
Other than that, not much new. Just tryin’ to stay warm and make sure no planes crash. I do my part, the pilots have to do the rest! 🙂 A couple days ago, when it was only -18 (I thought it was cold then!), I installed the bird feeder that my Dad gave me at Christmas time. That’s the picture in today’s blog – the view out my kitchen window. The bird feeder is light brown, mounted on a very groovy bent-metal rod that my Dad made especially for installing it on my balcony. Notice Eddie is already looking for birds… I am not sure if any birds have found it yet. It might take them awhile. They are probably all huddling in their nests wishing for more feathers! So, I will resist the Canadian cliché phrase “cold ’nuff for ya?” and sign off with a simple “keep warm.” Take care everybody.


One thought on “Minus 28

    Patricia said:
    January 12, 2007 at 4:16 pm

    What a GREAT picture!!! I love it. Thanks for sharing it. I hope some birds come to visit Eddie soon!

    It’s warmed up some here – we’re all the way up to -14 today! Although there’s a good wind, still, so it doesn’t feel that much warmer yet.

    Hey, can you answer a weather question for me??? Why is it that The Weather Channel (which is what the Edmonton Journal links to) and Environment Canada Weather are SO different?!? Yesterday morning TWC on the Journal’s website was showing us at -34 at one point in the morning, when it was really only -21! Very strange…

    Anyway, it’s supposed to warm up here on Monday. Can’t wait!!

    Keep warm!!

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