I Saw the Lights!!

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Hi everybody! Yesterday was a fun day for me, so I thought I would tell you about it. Besides having 6 hours of sleep due to a short shift change (I got home after midnight and had to be back at work at 7:30 am), I had some fun doing Christmassy things. I stopped at the hardware store to buy some Christmas lights and after supper, I started putting them up. I put up 2 strings of outdoor lights (a total of 140 LED lights) on my back porch, and then put up 3 strings of indoor lights to make my 1 pathetic string look more festive. I strung the lights across my living room, in great big swoops, and then across my front window. They are great – they add such ambience! So, I like to sit in there with no other lights on and just bask in the light of cool-to-the-touch-energy-effiecient-solid-state-technology! 🙂
We also had a Santa Claus Parade that night! Now, I found out a bit too late to go to the parade (and probably would have skipped it anyway), but I did make sure to bundle up and stand on my back porch and watch the conclusion of the parage – a lovely fireworks display! Now, I was quite impressed, as they went on for 15 minutes (Canada Day fireworks in Sudbury barely last longer) and they had all the same big, colourful explosions you might expect. There were a few of the noisy ones (the “poppers”) and some of the “sizzlers,” a few of the assymmetrical cool ones, and mostly the, uh, symmetrical, uh, traditional fireworks-shaped ones! How do you describe the shape of fireworks?!? Like a pom-pom? Starry? Three-dimensional glowing tinsel? Anyhow, you know the shape I mean! The odd part of the whole show, though, was how LOW it was! It’s like they used the smallest rockets ever! I was only about 3 blocks away (according to Google Earth, about 700 metres from where they were launching them 🙂 and the fireworks appeared barely above the trees! It was kind of funny… just reminded me that I’m in a small town! Now, maybe they did that so the wind wouldn’t carry the ashes too far away, ’cause I am sure that it was falling on houses nearby! Another very cool thing I noticed were the spider-shaped smoke trails left behind, and how the wind carried the patterns away, completely in tact for quite a ways. It was like the smoke was a ghost of the entire pattern of the light, just shifted to the right, without being distorted at all. I just searched on the web for 10 minutes to try and find a picture of what I am talking about, but no luck. And I just can’t spend any more time looking (at least not right now).
Which reminds me, my bedtime approaches. Take care, everyone. Try not to let the Christmas season overwhelm you, and make sure you take time to stop and smell the, uh, snoses. Or snowbanks. Or you could buy some roses to smell. Or, better yet, just smell the ones at the flower shop or grocery store and don’t buy them. Leave them for someone else to smell. Or buy. 🙂


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