Beautiful Day!

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Today was such a beautiful day! It was only about -5, which is tropical for northern Alberta in December, so I decided to go cross-country skiing on the recreation trails on the edge of town. It was so nice, no breeze, with the sun shining. I haven’t seen the sun in days! Not since that super-cold-snap we had! I love the sunshine! So, I went gliding through the woods for a little while and then went about my day. What a treat!
It’s interesting how things you do when you are young stick with you when you become an adult. I remember how I used to go cross-country skiing around the yard. It was a pain to go, because we had to wax the skis manually (mine are waxless now) and try to get the right wax for the temperature of the snow. If you got it wrong, you knew it, ’cause the snow would stick to the skis, or it was too slippery and you couldn’t get any traction at all! Anyhow, it was fun, but now as an adult, I enjoy it even more. And what great exercise! Exercise (oh, no! Not the E-word!!) is so great for burning stress and clearing the mind… stress you didn’t even know you had! And exercise that gets you out in the fresh air is even better.
Besides rambling, I also wanted to let you know that Eddie is doing better. He’s still at the vet’s, but he should be coming home tomorrow. 🙂 He probably would have come home today, but the vet’s office is about an hour’s drive from here, and since they’re coming this way tomorrow, I’ll wait until tomorrow. I am looking forward to some serious snuggles! I’ve missed him, and I bet he’s missed me, too.
Take care, everybody! Go have some fun in the snow! 8)


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