Quiet, Empty House

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Why do I always take things for granted? I try hard not to, and I think of myself as a fairly thankful person, but I still do it. I take for granted that I have a job – a good job – and a nice, warm place to live, a peaceful town to live in, enough food, enough money to buy whatever food I want, a chance to go on a really nice vacation… but far worse, I sometimes take people for granted. You would think, after things I’ve been through with my Dad and sister being seriously ill, that I wouldn’t. But I still do. I take my friends for granted – how lucky am I to have you all!! I really take for granted my wonderful cat, that he would always be around, keeping me company, being snuggly, and pushy, and cute and intelligent… and now he’s in the vet-hospital! He meowed in a painful way and peed on the kitchen floor today, so I took him to the vet – luckily, the vet is in town on Tuesdays! (Isn’t it ironic that you can get a cat in to see the doctor the same day, but you could never do that for a person? What a great health-care system we have! Well, I suppose there’s always emergency…) The vet’s based out of Fort Vermilion, which is about an hour away, but she comes to town twice a week. Anyhow, she thinks he has kidney stones, and that he passed one in the kitchen this afternoon, and maybe it was a good thing I was home to see it. He may have been in pain for awhile (that could explain some of the meowing he does to me, that I can’t figure out why). So, she gave him some meds and we decided it was best if she keep him for observation, in case he has another one or gets blocked completely. Poor guy! So, if all goes well, she’ll keep giving him meds, and he will get better and she’ll bring him back to town on Friday. I really hope he’s okay! And I hope that he is not too scared by all the new surroundings. So it’s a very quiet, empty house tonight, and will be for the next 2 days. It’s surprising how much company he gives me! I always say “Hey, cutie, I’m home” when I walk in the door, but not tonight. Oh, well, I am sure he’ll be okay. In the big scheme of things, if it’s his time to go, it’s his time to go, but I hope it isn’t. I would miss him so much.
And he’s “just” a cat! How much more would I miss a friend, family member or co-worker! Any of you reading this!! I must not take people for granted any more! I hope you have a great day, everyone, and if you have a pet, give him/her a little pat on the head for me. And if you pray, send one up for me and Eddie. Thanks.


One thought on “Quiet, Empty House

    Patricia said:
    December 6, 2006 at 2:59 pm

    Well, I’m glad you were able to get him in right away!!! Sounds like he’s in very good hands. I know what you mean about an empty house. We couldn’t have the pets home the first week I was home from the hospital, and it was SO quiet.

    Bruce let me give him some extra pats this morning. Will make sure Hannah gets some too. I’ve been meaning to tell you, too, that the “Eddie” you gave me in the hospital still hangs out next to my bed. He was the best company in that awful place!!

    I think it’s human nature to take things (people) for granted, to a certain extent. Don’t beat yourself up. He’s going to be OK (we all are), and just keeping in touch and being kind with each other is a way of showing we’re thankful for each other. My opinion, anyway.

    Love you. And Eddie too. Hang in there.


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