Big Surf (Not Smurf)

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Well, we’re back in Honolulu, having disembarked from the ship this morning. We signed up for a tour which took us around the island of O’ahu all the way to the (somewhat) famous North Shore – famous for BIG surfing waves. We saw some pretty big ones, but it wasn’t windy enough for the 30-footers that can happen! (Today we saw about 5-foot waves.) We’ve been doing such fun things these last few days!! Yesterday, we laid low, but the day before that, we went for a zipline adventure, which was aswesome!! See this webpage for the place we went: It was 7 zip lines, and we were strapped into a harness, attached to a rather robust-looking pulley, and then they attached us to the lines and we just ran off the end of the platform and sailed (zipped!) across to the other side. The landing was a bit tricky, but both Steve and I did great. The scenery, as usual, was amazing. Very hard to describe – very steep, green, lush mountains, clouds on top, but absolutely gorgeous. Then, that afternoon, we went kayaking up a river, and then hiked a short trail, followed by a much trickier hike down to some gorgeous waterfalls. Tricky due to a lot of wet mud – made it very slippery!! The scenery there looked like Jurassic park (that is where the movie was filmed) and Steve kept making pterodactyl noises! 🙂 We had a blast. We went into the pool below the second waterfall and had the water falling – very hard! – onto our heads, and it was awesome!! One of our guides was a young guy with a good sense of humour, and he hid in the bushes and as people walked by, he rustled them and made wild boar noises! A few people really screamed – it was funny!! They don’t have any wild animals here except for wild boar, and a few hundred wallabies near Honolulu, due to a pair that escaped when the New Zealand Circus (I think) came to town, and wild cats (like housecats gone wild) and a few dogs. Wild, eh? 🙂 Lots of birds, though, and not many insects (thankfully) although they do have mosquitos!! Anyhow, in addition to our zipline and kayak and hiking adventure, we also did a bus tour up to the top of Haleakala crater (almost 10,000 ft high!), another tour to a tsunami museum and to see some waterfalls, and we took a couple of “beach days.” On one beach day, we went kayaking a bit (Steve’s first time) and snorkelling (my first time)!! We saw 3 green sea turtles (or the same turtle 3 times, hard to say!) while kayaking, but didn’t see them any more when snorkelling. We got some pics of fish, though, and have to get the water-proof cheapo camera developed to see how they turned out! So, we’ve had tons of fun! I discoverd that I love snorkelling, although it was a bit weird at first to be breathing while looking underwater. I am glad there was nobody from The Department of Fish and Game around because I accidentally bumped a Sea Turtle with my Kayak! Punishment can range from being smeared in algae whilst in a small tank with baby Sea Turtles or scooping Sea Turtle dung from the bottom of the Waikiki Aquarium.
Sorry I didn’t blog more, but it just wasn’t a high priority. The Internet connection was also not very fast and was quite expensive on the ship (75 cents/min). Our top 2 pet peeves on the trip – people on their cel phones (a LOT!!!) and ship staff that are slow and don’t seem to know what to do. Oh, ya, and people on an excursion with you that are rude. Not many of those, though, thankfully. Didn’t see many Canadians… there was a couple from southern Ontario that we met today, and in the airport, we met a couple of young gals going on a cruise, but a different ship from us. Did I mention the airport!??! It’s wild – no doors, no windows, just cement parts for support and for half-walls. It’s not very secure; you could totally throw something over the wall to the planes loading if you wanted to! And the second I stepped off the plane we were hit with the scent of flowers that I don’t recognize and the air thick with humidity. Unbelievable!
Well, tomorrow, we check out of our current hotel and then spend the day bootin’ around town. Probably going to the beach – how can you not?!??! Then, in the late evening, we fly back to Canada – Vancouver first, then Edmonton. And the cold! Yes, you may all tease and bug us as much as you want when we get back! 🙂
Take care, everyone! 🙂

One thought on “Big Surf (Not Smurf)

    Patricia said:
    November 29, 2006 at 4:58 pm

    Glad to hear it was a good time. Sounds like you made the most of your time on the island!!!

    You’re lucky, you’ve missed most of the really cold weather we had. Hey, I’m thinking about it, and you’re probably just arriving at Edmonton now! Well, believe it or not, -19 *IS* warming up…

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