We’re in Hawai’i!

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Wow! We are in Hawaii now, and I’m writing this blog a couple days after we arrived, as I remember what Steve and I felt like when we spent our first 2 days in Honolulu!
The flight over was not too bad… it was about 6.5 hours, from Vancouver, which is short-long – sort of shorter that I expected, yet, it felt really long. There was quite a bit of turbulence, too… probably about 1.5 hours altogether, in about 30-40 minute spurts. And it was enough to make us queasy, so we were glad when we finally started out descent.
It’s so beautiful here! It’s just like in the movies, really, and our hotel is in a fabulous place! It is right along the street that follows the beach – the best beach, from what I’ve heard. The hotel lobby is incredible – there are no doors! In fact, everywhere you go, there are no doors of any kind at all! The only place we saw doors was going into a Starbucks (probably because the inside is air conditioned) and at a restaurant (probably for security reasons after they close). Since the hotel lobby is open 24-7, there is no door, just an opening, and a lot of very nice windows showing the view. Our hotel room is super-small, but that’s okay. There is no bath, just a shower stall. We have a fabulous balcony (see picture of the view), and the weather is absolutely gorgeous – like a hot summer day anywhere in Canada. It’s about 30 degrees, and about 70 percent humidity!
The first day, we walked across the street to the Honolulu Zoo. Told you the hotel was in a great location! The Zoo was great – we took a couple hundred pictures! They had elephants, tigers, hippos and rhinos, giraffes, zebras, you name it! Lots of birds, everywhere you look. The zoo was also completely outdoors (except for one small bldg with lizards in it). We also spent a little time walking up and down the beach and on a large wall/dock/thingy. People were sort of trying to surf the waves, but they weren’t that big. The waves that is. A few people got standing, more got up on all 4s. There were literally hundreds of people walking around town, mostly taking their time, and we saw quite a few people carrying surf boards down to the beach! It was Sunday, so at least some of the people were local, and the population of Honolulu is just a bit under a million (found that out from a very reliable source, a cabbie!)!!
Everywhere we looked – palm trees, of varying types. Tourists and tanned people. Really really hot and sunny. Quite busy and bustling, with every third vehicle being a bus or tour-vehicle (trolley, amphibious vehicle, etc) and lots of very expensive sports cars (all convertibles with the tops down).
More to follow… Picture is of the view outside our balcony. Take care everyone!


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