On the Ship

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It’s our first day on the cruise ship and this thing is HUGE!!! It is 14 decks (each about 12 feet high I would say) and really long! I found some stats for ya: length: 965 ft, width: 105.6 feet, draft (depth it sits in the ocean): 28.2 feet, total cabins: 1233, total passenger capacity: 3130, Total crew: 1000
Cool, eh? One crew person for every 3 people (and it looks that way, too! They’re everywhere you look). It is pretty shmancy in places, but otherwise, like a nice hotel. Except when it moves, and the floor rocks under our feet! We had a lifeboat drill within the first 2 hours of getting on board, and that was a little frazzling, ‘cause we didn’t know our way around at all! But, it went quite well and we went back to the theatre where we had assembled for an excursions talk – there are many things you can sign up to do while docked at the various places. It takes a little while to get a hang of the names of the islands and ports we are going to. After that, we went back to our room and just hung out – it is really nice and bigger than the one at the hotel (and we have a balcony too). So, it’s small, but not ridiculously small, as we had feared. Although the bathroom is bordering on ridiculous… We watched the people loading luggage on to the boat through a hole in the side (using forklifts to lift luggage-cars). And took pictures of everything. 🙂 By then, the sun was starting to go down and so we got changed for dinner and found a place that didn’t have a very long wait. It had a $15 surcharge, but since we had been paying for food for the last 2 days, that actually sounded pretty cheap! The food was very good and the service was great, too. A little while after sundown, we pulled out of the dock where we had been tied down – there was a bit of a fanfare as we pulled out and Steve and I got totally consumed with taking time-exposure pictures of the harbour… we saw planes landing and taking off, and got a few nice pics, but as we got farther out/going faster, the wave motion started to give groovy-wavy motion to all the lights – very cool!
That’s all for now then… I’ll have to blog more when I get a chance and tell you about the cool excursions we’ve been on! 🙂 Take care everyone!


One thought on “On the Ship

    Patricia said:
    November 24, 2006 at 5:05 pm

    So glad to hear you’re having a good time!!! You sure picked a great time to be away, it’s going to be COLD this weekend.

    Enjoy the trip, the view, and your time together 🙂


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