Revelations From "I Robot"

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Hi everyone! Have you seen the movie “I, Robot?” If not, I highly recommend it! I watched the end of it today, and if you recall, there’s a special robot, which has the identity, “Sonny,” and throughout the movie he is trying to figure out his purpose, why he was made different than all the other robots. In this one scene, he goes to get the nanoprobes that will kill the evil computer-gone-bad (doesn’t that sound familiar?). 🙂 The computer erects a force field that would kill most robots, but Sonny has been made of a special material that can withstand the field and he says something like “I am stronger than the others. My maker made me this way, and I believe he made me for this purpose.” In that scene, he realizes his purpose (to kill the evil computer), and it got me thinking about how many of us search for our purpose. What did God put us on this Earth to do? Well, if we take Sonny’s example, then all we need to do is look at what makes us unique (he uses the phrase “I am unique” quite a few times in the movie as well) and that will lead us to discover what we’re here for. Neat idea, eh? Of course, this can mean physical abilities as well as social abilities. This could also mean mental aptitudes, and combinations of abilities. So, find out what makes you unique and use it to serve God and other people, and that’s it! Easy like borcht!
Other than that, not much new. I got 2 overtime shifts this weekend, so although I was supposed to have 4 days off this weekend, I only had 1 (so far, hopefully I won’t get called in tomorrow). It’s been pretty wintery here, even getting down to -32 degrees Celcius since I blogged last! Yikes!!! It’s mostly been around -15 though (which is pretty mild compared to the 30’s). It’s amazing what a person can get used to!!! We don’t have a lot of snow, but we’ve got about 10 cm that’s here to stay for sure. Such is life (in November in Northern Alberta). I don’t know if I have mentioned the trip I am going on… I have been packing and getting very excited! I leave in 4 days – well, actually only 3 now!! I drive to Edmonton then Steve and I fly to Hawaii! Yay! I am VERY much looking forward to that and I think that November is the perfect time to go! Also, it’s been 2 months since I’ve seen my honey, and I miss him very much. Eddie’s great and all, but he doesn’t give very good hugs. 🙂 It’s those short arms… While in Hawaii, we will go on a 7-day cruise, and I simply can’t wait!!
Well, that’s all for now then! Take care, everyone! Leave comments if you got ’em.


One thought on “Revelations From "I Robot"

    Patricia said:
    November 14, 2006 at 10:25 pm

    I liked “I, Robot” too.

    Sounds like you’re working hard – you’re due for a holiday, good thing you have one coming!! We’re looking forward to seeing you on your way to Hawaii. And I’m so excited for you for your cruise!!!

    See you soon 🙂


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