Squish it With Thankfulness

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Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! I realize this is a few days late – sorry, got kind of busy there – but I thought I would extend all my best wishes and share some thoughts on the season! I can’t believe that it’s been over a week since I blogged. I guess I just didn’t have anything blog-worthy to write about… more to come, though!
Speaking of thanksgiving… I was thinking about thanksgiving on my way home after a great trip to see family, eat turkey and generally reconnect with those I love. It’s an 8-hour drive, you know, so there is lots of time to think. I usually try to buy or borrow a few new CDs so that I don’t have to think the WHOLE time, and I spent about 3 hours white-knuckling the steering wheel and scoping for deer as well. The last 3 hours, in case you were interested. I saw about 20 deer, mostly in groups of 3-5, as it was twilight from Peace River to High Level. Made me practice my long-distance scanning and seeing in the dark! Anyways, during some of my time driving, I got to thinking about what makes thanksgiving so great. Why is it that after talking about what I’m thankful for, I feel so great?!?! I think that it is because being thankful is the cure for self-pity! And even though most of us do not endulge in huge pity-parties–moping about, focusing on why our life is so terrible, feeling sorry for ourselves, making sure everyone around us is just as miserable as we are–we still can slip into small thoughts of self-pity pretty easily. Like wishing things were better. Or wishing we were thinner/prettier/smarter/quicker/younger/better paid/self-employed… Or wishing we had more time off, or looking forward to vacation/retirement/the weekend… you get the idea. Basically any time you aren’t completely content, there’s probably a dose of self-pity in there. So, while we aren’t blatantly un-thankful, we aren’t exactly being thankful either. For what we’ve got, or where we are right now, or even being thankful for the things that we aren’t entirely happy about, but realize it could be worse. It could always be worse!! Although it sounds like a negative train of thought, it isn’t! In fact, we’d probably be a lot happier using that train than the other “wishful thinking” train!!
So, there are my two bits for the day! I hope you all had your fill of turkey and family–eating the former and talking to the latter! 8) Don’t forget all the things you could be thankful for, and whenever you feel a little hint of self-pity coming in, squish it with thankfulness.
Take care everybody! I’ll blog again soon.


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