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I went to the Farmer’s Market yesterday! I have been meaning to go, but it seems I am either out of town, working, sleeping, or I forget it’s Friday! But yesterday I remembered, and I am sure glad I did, ’cause it was the last week that most of them would be there. Since fall is well-established and winter is close behind, I guess the farmers are mostly sold of out whatever it is they’re selling.

The Farmer’s Market in High Level is, like most things in HL, cute and small. It consists of a 4 or 5 vans lined up end-to-end in the parking lot of the mini-mall on mainstreet (in a larger place, you might call it “downtown,” but somehow that just makes me giggle!) and tents set up along side. It was quite windy yesterday, but these farmers had obviously been doing this for a while and had various weights (from cinder block to large containers of water) to keep the tents from going airborne. It was sunny, though, which made the trek worthwhile for me (I had just worked a midnight shift, had a nap and then decided to go). Some booths were mostly baked goods–which all looked delicious!–while others had produce, too. I was search of farm eggs specifically, and although nobody had any, I got a few “hot tips” on where I might get some. 🙂 I got to talking with this one farmer, and he reminded me of my dad so much! He had a half-acre potato patch (which is about 100 times larger than most people’s entire gardens!) and so I asked him if he had a digger (a device for digging potatoes, like my grandpa has). Well, he went on to explain how he made one, and all the different things he tried until he got it just right… and various other inventions he’s made… and just the way he talked, he really reminded me of my dad. It was cool. Then his wife came over and I got to chatting with her about how much better farm eggs and milk are. It was nice to talk to someone who understood that the government is not always looking out for the little guy, and how frustrating that can be. There was also a lady there who reminded me of my grandma K. She was so similar, they could have been sisters. I looked at all her baking and produce, and decided to buy a container of strawberries. They looked so good, and they taste even better!! She said she’d picked them the previous night. What a sweetie! But when I realized how much she was like grandma, I got a lump in my throat and said my good bye. It’s surprising, because it has been quite a few years now since she died, but it still gives me a lump in my throat. I hope to see the lady again in the spring and make sure to go say hello.

In other news… I don’t think I’ve mentioned that my sis is in the hospital again. She has some problems in her intestines, a blockage, in part related to her surgery. They were talking about doing another surgery, but so far they haven’t had to. We are all hoping and praying they won’t have to! She had almost completely recovered from the last one when this problem arose. So, keep her in your thoughts and prayers, please! My dad has been doing quite good, though, so that is nice!!

Well, that’s all. No adventures in the kitchen lately, at least nothing much to mention. I made some apple-frittery things the other day and while they didn’t turn out quite as they should’ve, they were definitely edible. 🙂 Pastry, apples and cream cheese? How can you go wrong! They didn’t even need sour cream! 🙂 Take care, everybody!!


2 thoughts on “My Kind of People

    Stevenevraumont said:
    October 4, 2006 at 1:01 am

    I just love farmers markets! You lucky duck you =D Save some of that good stuff for me when I come down to visit =)

    Give your sis hugs for me on Thanksgiving please and let her know I am thinking of her.


    Patricia said:
    October 4, 2006 at 5:31 pm

    For the record, the obstruction was 100% related to my previous surgery. Lest anyone think I did anything to bring it on myself!!

    The farmers’ market sounds like it was SO cool. I’ve got to start going to mine!

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