Ugly and Smart

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We often hear people say that this-or-that person is pretty or not, or she’s smart or he’s stupid… Those are quite definitive labels and rather than qualifying them – explaining they are pretty in a sweet and innocent sort of way, or smart when it comes to common sense – we declare these things as over-generalized fact. Of course, the person could in fact be smart when we call them stupid – how do we know? What makes us qualified to lay down these judgements as if we have authority from on high? Are we beauty or intelligence experts? Well, if you are, with a masters or PhD to show for it, feel free to make such declarations. Yet, those who do have such qualifications would probably also know well enough to explain their statements and give the person credit whenever able. (Don’t you hate it when someone talks like they know all about something, when you know more than they do and they’re wrong? Not to mention they end up sounding like a real, annoying know-it-all?) Since most of us aren’t experts in beauty or intelligence, what we are saying is as likely false as true. It’s total conjecture! So, what we’re really saying when we declare this or that person smart or so-and-so stupid is about ourselves – that we like to judge and make rash statements about other people. It’s like some producer from the show “Extreme Makeover” saying that this person is ugly and needs 4 surgeries to look beautiful, when I found they were already pretty and maybe just needed a new haircut! Sure, when the show’s over, they look like Cameron Diaz’s sister, but they looked quite nice before! And the show producers are supposed to be beauty experts – I disagree!
I believe that if you try, you can find something beautiful about everyone! Even people we might initially label as ugly may have nice eyes, an interesting face or a nice smile. Isn’t every smile great?!?! 🙂 Now, on the other hand, a person may need a bit of advice on how to take care of themselves, be more positive, how to present themselves, and what to wear (there are TV shows for that too, and they tend to have a more balanced outlook) but that’s not to say that they are conclusively ugly and will never feel good about themselves unless they have surgery and buy expensive clothes.
But putting aside common popular beliefs of beauty and how to attain it, what does God think about beauty? Well, He does not concern Himself with outward appearances. He sees straight to the heart. He doesn’t care too much if we’re “smart” either. That’s only one measure of a person’s intellect anyway – what about common sense, gut-instinct, following the wisdom of our heart, or the ability to use logic? There are many ways a person can be smart – but I think since God is so much beyond that, He probably giggles when we think “we’re all that.” He’s more concerned, I think, with our heart and whether or not we are kind, gentle, and we spend time thinking of Him and others, and being thankful.
One of my dear friends recently said that life is not just about what we do, but how we do it. And I would have to agree! This may not be the most eloquent blog I’ve ever written, but it’s got some things to think about! Take care, everybody!

P.S. I got a bad letter today… I’m being audited!! Ack! Well, they call it a “review,” and it’s only of 3 areas that I made claims, so I guess it could be worse. Guess what my new hobby is? Looking for receipts. >grimace< 🙂


One thought on “Ugly and Smart

    Stevenevraumont said:
    September 23, 2006 at 3:53 am

    What a wonderful topic to ponder. I wonder if all the people in the world got their wish to look like Naomi Campbell, Gwyneth Paltrow or Jennifer Aniston what would happen next? My guess it they would be ridiculed for being a copycat.

    So like the commecial says, “Love the skin your in”.

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