10 Things You Probably Don’t Want to Hear

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10 Things (Most People) Don’’t Want to Hear

10. A newscaster say “tragedy struck in [your home town] today…”

9. A waiter/tress say they’re out of your favourite food

8. A little kid say “I didn’t do it!”

7. A weatherman (or woman) talking about yucky weather on the weekend (or whenever you have time off)

6. Someone from NASA (or the Canadian Space Agency 🙂 asking “how big is the asteroid?” 🙂

5. “You are being audited.”

4. A mechanic saying it’s worse than he thought

3. A pilot say “we *should* have enough fuel to get there…”

2. A nurse talking about the 5-second rule

… and the number 1 thing nobody wants to hear …

1. A surgeon say “oops.”

Have a good day everybody!

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