Visiting Yellowknife

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Hi everyone! I realized that I haven’t blogged in quite a while, and I certainly have things to say! I have been to Grande Prairie, High Level and now Yellowknife in the last week. Steve got in to High Level, via plane to Yellowknife and 11.5 hour greyhound bus ride (what a brave guy!) in on Sept 1. He needed a new suit, so we went to Grande Prairie and did a little shopping. It’s really not far – only about 4.5 hours drive. It’s a neat little town – just like a larger version of High Level, really. With better shopping. I figure it’s a universal thing – people always want to go to larger places for shopping. I couldn’t believe I heard that people from Hay River go to High Level for shopping, High Levelers go to Grande Prairie, and Grande Prairians go to Edmonton. I’m not sure where Edmontonians go – maybe Calgary (but they’d never admit it)! So, anyways, that was a nice trip, and I also got a new dress – very spiffy! Then we were back in High Level for about 4 days (’cause I had to work) and then did a nice road trip to Yellowknife. Steve flies out of the ‘knife tomorrow and I just couldn’t let him take the bus again! So, we drove the 700 km or so yesterday. It was nice, and we stopped to see the waterfalls, which blew him away! We have been snapping pictures like mad with his new digital camera, and took about 300 pictures on the way… In this blog, a pic of the Alexandra Falls and a shot of a float plane (a twin Otter) landing on the Great Slave Lake.

Take care, everybody! More pics later!


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