Encounters with the Buffalo

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Well, I drove back from Yellowknife yesterday! I dropped Steve off at the airport and then tried to find somewhere I could get the oil changed in my car. I eventually found a place that could do it, and was on the road just a little after noon. It’s about 700 km drive, so I figured I’d be home around 7 pm or so. I had to stop and nap, and stop for a bite to eat in Fort Providence, so it took me a little longer. I counted 43 buffalo along the side of the highway between Yellowknife and Fort Providence! Now, I didn’t have a camera, but on the way up, Steve and I took a few pictures, so I thought I’d add one in, just for fun. Man, are they ever big!!! This one could have levelled my car, if it wanted to. We came across a couple that were running along the edge of the highway (of the opposing lane) and it was quite scary to think that if they came towards the car and ran in front of it, or even worse, rammed into it head first, my car would be TOAST!! But, they continued on their merry way, and we on ours. >whew<

As for the second picture, this was taken by Steve, of my better side (kidding!) on the beach at Hay River. The lake you see is the Great Slave – and I had to put my feet in (as I always seem to do when I come up to a body of water). It was very cold, but not as cold as Abraham Lake, which is a glacier-fed lake in the Rockies!! My sisters and I went there for a sister day and tried to wade into it… We could only get up to our ankles (about 3 inches deep) before the searing pain caused our toes to buckle and we had to leap out of the water. Man, THAT was cold. I have never felt water colder – I think it was zero degrees!! We thought we saw ice crystals in the water, but we may have been hallucinating!

So, I am back at work for another 7 in a row. 🙂 That’s all for now! Take care, everyone!


One thought on “Encounters with the Buffalo

    Patricia said:
    September 13, 2006 at 3:56 pm

    Great pics, Ter! Glad you’re home safe, and that you and the buffalo were able to keep your distance 😉

    Things are good here. I actually got out of the house on my own for a haircut yesterday – I feel like a new woman! Both from getting out of the house, and from the haircut. Yay 🙂

    Let’s chat soon.

    Love ya,


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