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rational_spock1Sorry I haven’t blogged lately… I didn’t realize it had been so long – last week! Just like I keep thinking I just exercised yesterday but when I look at my planner, I realize it was also last week! Anyways, I’ve been watching quite a bit of Star Trek (all versions, except DS9, which is conspicuously absent from Space or Spike channel re-runs) and thinking about the characters. I think Mr. Spock is one of my favourites. Leonard Nimoy just does such a great job of playing the role! No other Vulcan since then comes close. But, the neat thing about Mr. Spock, besides that he is dyed-in-the-wool scientist (which I suppose automatically draws me to his character), but that he seems to have absolutely no ego. If someone essentially tells him off and gets mad at him (as Jim and Bones were in the episode I saw today), he still does not take offense or get angry… he simply tries to figure out the reason behind the behaviour, or simply goes about his business. Wouldn’t it be great if we all had no ego like that? You might not agree, but think about it for a minute. I think that it would be nice sometimes to see other people with less ego, and I try, when I remember, to keep my own ego as small as possible. But, it can pop up at any time, baring it ugly head and, well, being ugly! Think about what else an out-of-proportion ego can do! It can make you think rashly (not good in my job) or over-react to something small… or make you insecure and paranoid, which in turn makes the ego problem even worse! Or it can make you compare yourselves to others, so much that you can’t live your own life or make a decision without thinking about what everyone else will think. I’m sure there are more things that an oversize ego can do, but that’s all I can think of at the moment. So, my journey continues to keep my ego in check and just keep having fun instead! 🙂

I’d better let you know how my sis is doing… she is recovering, but it is a slow process. They have cut back on and changed her pain medication, so I think she’s some pain now, but she is up and about, walking a bit and trying to get better. She’s still in the hospital, for this weekend for sure, and not sure about next week. It’s going to be tough! But, she is strong and her spirits are, for the most part, remarkably good! She often tries to cheer up the nurses or make them laugh. I am so blessed to have a sister and best friend like her! I love her dearly and am praying for a good recovery, even if it takes a little while. My dad, meanwhile, went into emerg one day last week as well – yes, 2 family members at the same hospital! – with the same complications he has already had 3 times! So, if you’re the praying type, please pray for him as well. It’s tough, ’cause he’s also trying to get a whole bunch of field work done right now. They could also use more rain (in most parts of southern/central Alberta), so pray/doing a rain dance!

That’s all I’ve got for now! Hope everybody is doing well. Leave comments if ya got ’em!


2 thoughts on “Mr. Spock

    Stevenevraumont said:
    August 22, 2006 at 7:55 pm

    Your reasoning is once again most perceptive. Your logic is undeniable =P

    I think about your sis everyday and pray she will recover quickly =)

    Patricia said:
    September 3, 2006 at 12:24 am

    OK, Ter, you made me cry with that nice stuff you said about me. Thanks. I don’t think I deserve it. But it was nice. Sniff, sniff…

    Happy?? I am 🙂

    Love you too,


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