Trendiness Undressed

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Have you ever noticed how trends change? Some trends are very short-lived, like that year when the icicle lights came out at Canadian Tire and they were all the rage and lots of people felt they had to run out and buy them and completely re-do the “look” of their house for Christmas! Or the trend to wear leg-warmers (must have been started in Canada!) or to have mullets (I’d like the blame some other country for that one!) or to change the icon of your mouse cursor from an arrow to a groovy, animated frog. That one was so quick, you might have missed it.

I wonder about long-term trends, too. What do you think is the biggest change in the last, say, 100 years? The change in transportation is a big one, but I’m thinking more of the usage of transportation – like people being so dependent on motorized vehicles. Back in 1906, there were still a horse-drawn carriages or bicycles in use, or people -brace for it- walked! What about the trend of people being more health-conscious? Even if they are completely out of shape or otherwise unhealthy, people are still conscious (that is, aware) that they are not in good shape and should do something about it. I bet 100 years ago, people didn’t care so much about that. What about dependence on technology? There’s no comparison. What about the size and cost of houses? It’s getting insane (at least in Alberta, it is). The trend is certainly towards bigger houses, smaller yards, closer together, city dwelling. What about entertainment? I think our society is way too entertainment-focussed! There’s also a high focus on recreation, but that’s not such a big change, I don’t think, because people have always gone fishing or enjoyed a day at the beach in summer (tobogganing/skating/skiing in winter). But entertainment is another thing altogether. I define entertainment as something that takes up time (makes you laugh, numbs the brain…) and gives very little back. Movies, TV, music, and actors and musicians have completely taken over the focus of some people’s lives! It’s a little scary. Maybe it’s just scary to me, with my get-back-to-nature keep-life-simple tendencies. And I just can’t see it being that way 100 years ago. People found ways to entertain themselves, and the things they did, for the most part (brothels aside :), were more uplifting, engaging, self-reinforcing than the habits of today. Hollywood leaves many people (especially young people) depressed about what they don’t have, don’t look like or don’t do. It’s a lot of don’ts.

Jus’ some more stuff to think about! Lemme know if you have any ideas about the biggest trend change. I’ll let you know what I find out about my sis tomorrow…


One thought on “Trendiness Undressed

    Patricia said:
    September 3, 2006 at 12:22 am

    Great blog, Ter!

    Having all this time on my hands these days, I can attest to the vacuous nature of “entertainment” activities, I know exactly what you mean… After not even two weeks, with FOUR more to go at home, I’m definitely looking for something to do with my brain! Now that it’s pretty much working and detoxed from all the morphine 😉

    Anyway, just wanted to let you know I was sitting here nodding my head with you…

    Love ya,


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