Photos of Hamar Mountain Hike

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I thought I would finally try posting some photos to my blog! It’s tricky without a digital camera, but on the hike that Steve and I went on when I was visiting Norman Wells, his friend had a digital camera and he sent all the pictures to us (thanks, Anson)! So, here are a few…

The first photo is the helicopter that took us up (in 3 trips ’cause it only carried 4 at a time). It’s an Astar helicopter (for anyone who’s interested)…

View from the top (facing Mackenzie River)

One of the beautiful valleys we hiked through (below). See the layered rock? A river has carved its way along, and this is actually a view of one of the waterfalls as seen from above.

from the top of the waterfall


The next pic below is the waterfall seen from below. It was beautiful.

This last one is the view from the top of the “goat trail” – the very steep and nasty end part of the hike. But what a view!! Remember, this pic was taken at about midnight!!

That’s all for now… Next time, I’ll post my much-awaited blog on Newfie-isms!!


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