One Day

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Hi everybody!! This is a pretty exciting day!! This is the first day that I am able to blog from my computer at home! Yippee!! You won’t believe it – Steve gave me a computer for my birthday (he’s set for 10 years now, no more presents!!) and I got my internet hooked up yesterday. I was a bit too tired after that to do a blog (I am working midnights right now and when my energy runs out, it completely runs out!) but I had to do one today for sure!! 🙂 I wrote this a few days ago, when I was waxing philosophical. Although it’s not terribly deep, I hope you enjoy.

People often say “this is the first day of the rest of your life.” Although this is true, it can be a bit intimidating, can’t it?!?! Yikes! The first day! Of the rest of my LIFE! What am I going to do?!?!? Recently, a different thought came to me… I think it’s a little easier to handle and I think it is also more true: This is only one day of my life. So, if I am having a bad day, it’s only one day! It’ll be over soon and I’ll have a better day tomorrow! If it is a great day, woo hoo! But it’s only one day! They won’t all be fabulous, but I should enjoy it now while it’s here. This is only one day of my life. On the other hand, how many days of your life are there? If you live to be 70, you’ll have 25,550 days. That’s quite a few. But think of how fast a day can go by, or how easy it is to waste a day. Or how easy it is to ruin a day. Although not all days are created equal – there are super-important days like days that you make a big decision about a relationship, a job, or where to live – every day gives us a chance to do a little something: make a small step toward a life-long goal you have, or do something nice for someone, or tell someone you love them, or make another big, lasting difference in someone’s life (this can be done easily in one day, or even a few minutes!). There’s no doubt, we are faced with decisions every day, about what to say or how to behave, and these decisions do have lasting impact on our lives. But it’s only one day. The pattern of days together makes up a life, the collection of days. So although today may be the first day of the rest of your life, we can only live one day at a time – today! 🙂

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