Look Out Hollywood!!

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Hi everybody! Many of you have heard me rant/groan about the cheesiness of movies these days! Well, look out hollywood, ’cause I’ve got some ideas of my own!! Be aware, the scientific plausibility of these ideas is completely WRONG! Just like Hollywood! Enjoy! 🙂

The Day Before Yesterday
Even better than the Day After Tomorrow! Denis Quaid is back in this blockbuster climate change thriller! This time, a huge blast of hot air from the sun hit the planet 2 days ago, which the Earth is now suffering from the effects of. It’s so hot, this movie will have you running for the beach! In fact, it features lots of women in bikins in the opening scene, and from there it only gets hotter! Pretty soon, though, the beauties have skin like leather and are shrivelling up like raisins! You won’t believe it, and you won’t believe (or be able to wait for) the ending!!

The End of the World
Another doomsday favourite hits the box office! In this flick, the center of the Earth is threatening to explode, due to weakening in the crust from all the mining and oil drilling that is taking place at the surface of the Earth. As volcanoes start coming to life and popping up in areas that previously had none, the main characters struggle to launch a rocket to the space station to survive until they can make their way to the moon. Once Cape Canaveral is destroyed by a huge volcano and tsunami, they collaborate with the Chinese space agency to use one of their rockets to go to the moon. (Of course, all the astronauts on board are American, and all non-US characters will be portrayed as panicky and incompetent.)

Go Slow Home
So many movies have been made to feature the thrill and excitement of things that go fast – how pasé!! This gripping, dramatic tale chronicles the challenges and amazing discoveries of two teenagers forced to go slow – by riding tricycles across America! Their quest is to return home to Kentucky, to the land of their birth, from their Pacific ocean-side estate in Oregon. They’re filthy rich, but have had their driver’s licences suspended; rather than break the law and drive illegally, they are tricycling their way across the Rocky Mountains, Midwest and even through the Mississippi! You won’t be able to wait for this movie to be released eventually.

Smell the Cheese
In this new reality-TV show, a world-famous chef (to be determined; no one has agreed to the terms yet) will travel the world looking for the smelliest, gooeiest cheese. He or she will then use that cheese in a recipe that is selected by an random member of the audience in the nose-clenching, gut-wrenching season finale! Brought to you by the producers of “Fear Factor.”

Have your own cheesy movie or TV show idea? Post it as a comment (you can even do so anonymously if you want)!!

One thought on “Look Out Hollywood!!

    Patricia said:
    July 12, 2006 at 9:50 pm

    Wow, Ter, these are all so good!

    Just wanted to let you know I’m still reading and enjoying 🙂

    Will be gone for a week, starting Saturday (did I tell you we’re going to Mexico??), will look forward to getting caught up when I get back!

    Love ya,


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