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You know, they say that over 75% of communication is non-verbal. Well, I do a lot of communicating in my job* and since it’s all over the radio, I don’t have the luxury of body language. So, I use tone of voice to help convey the message I am sending. I used to do that a lot while doing Star Lab shows – since the show takes place in total darkness, again, body language is not an option. So, I’ve sort of accidentally created several ways to say “Roger” depending on what I want to say but am not supposed to say over the radio. In phraseology, “Roger” simply means “I have received and understood your message.” But, oh, it can say so much more than that!! 8)

Pronunciation (Technique) = Meaning
ruj-er (said without really opening mouth) = I’m in a hurry, but I got your message
rodg-er (emphasis on first syllable) = You betcha, buddy! Thanks for not being an idiot.
roj-er (said through clenched teeth) = Alright, but you’re going to be in everybody’s way…
radg-er (said with a pleasant lilt) = Thank you! Have a good flight!
rag-er (said with relief in voice) = Thank you, that makes life simpler.
rog-ur (said evenly, no emphasis) = I’m busy. Don’t bother me with those transmissions.
rog-err (said with exasperation) = It’s about time! Couldn’t you have said that earlier?!?!
rodg-errr (slight extension of second syllable) = Copy that, hold on, I’m thinking….
radg-ur (said with contained relief and joy) = Whew! Am I glad to hear from you!
rahj-er (breathily) = Hey, why don’t you come up to the tower later? (jus’ kidding!) 🙂

*On Wednesday, I handled 36 aircraft in less than 2 hours! Yikes! 🙂
Take care, everybody! Have a great day!


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