The Potter and the Clay

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This blog’s a little deeper than the last one… they can’t all be knee-slappers, y’know! 🙂

I was thinking about God the other day. Some people think of God and this huge, un-touchable, amazing creator (which He is) and other people think of Him more as personal, loving, involved in our lives. I guess that would be thinking more of Jesus, maybe, than the unseen powerful God. I think the cool thing is that He’s both – He’s huge and powerful, yet he cares and is personal to us too. I think you can get into a real trap going too far in one direction or the other – thinking God is so big, He doesn’t notice what we do, and He’s so far away and He created the world and “cut us loose.” Or you might think that He’s involved in every little, tiny thing in our lives our lives, and He’s soft and fuzzy and loving, and You might forget that He created everything, that He’s all-powerful; you might end up “putting God in a box” and not ascribing the power to Him that He deserves. Just some things to think about.

I also got to thinking about the analogy where God is the potter and we are the clay He is working with. The potter shapes the clay into whatever He wants – a cup, a bowl, a plate – and the clay does not put up a fight or argue. It yields to the potter’s hand, unconditionally, not caring what is being done to it, or even what the final product will be. It does not worry or fret over how lumpy it is, or why it isn’t even – it knows the potter is working, and the bowl or cup must go through different stages before being perfect, complete. The clay does not concern itself with the speed of the wheel or how long the process is taking. Once the shape is how God wants it – and who’s to say that every bowl must be deep or symmetrical, or every cup tall or even? When God alone decides He’s done, then comes the fire. The clay must be hardened, must be dried. It must be cured so it will endure all the liquids that it must hold, all the work it must do. And if some thing should happen and the pot be cracked or broken, I like to think that God will pick up the pieces, soften them up and re-work them, making the jar back into a lump, forming and moulding it into a new piece, perhaps, with a new task, always with His ultimate goal in mind and His plan.

Kind of makes you feel good, doesn’t it? 🙂

As for news from me… not much new. I am working a string of 7 midnight shifts right now – only 2 left! Then I leave for Norman Wells, to visit Steve! My next blog will be from 65 degrees North!! 🙂 I was finding the first couple of shifts tough when I had to talk to planes in the morning. I could barely remember what to do!!! But, it is getting easier now, and I am also shifting my sleep so that I stay up after I get home in the morning and sleep just before going to work. That way, when 7:00 am rolls around, I’ve only been up for 8 hours, not 12! Anyways, it seems to be working! 🙂 Sure, I am a little baked in the morning, but at least I can still do a few errands or stuff around the house.

Well, I guess that’s all for now! Take care, everyone! Send email (or comments) if you like! I’m still looking for ideas for my “top ten list of nice things to tell yourself in the morning” (useful for those of us who are not morning people)!!


One thought on “The Potter and the Clay

    Stevenevraumont said:
    June 21, 2006 at 10:49 pm

    I really love this post hunny!

    If we were to think of ourselves as the clay, we would be people who trusted in the creative, loving, limitless kindness of our Source. We would be without ego, allowing our Source to create and give us the opportunity to co-create.

    Perhaps our Source, or God, is what we(the clay)need in order to allow us to be made into what whatever he, or perhaps we want to be. Without the wheel, water, sculpting tools and the hands of our Source, we could not be shaped into an object of service.

    It made me think of something Michaelangelo said. For Michelangelo, the job of the sculptor was to free the forms that were already inside the stone.

    Perhaps each and everyone of us is one those sculpture just waiting for God to remove the excess pieces?

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