Story of 2 Dycks

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Okay, as promised, the story of 2 Dycks! This was a “blooper” I made a little while ago, on one of my last days checking out at work.

A farmer, by the last name of Dyck, was planning on burning some brush on a field immediately adjacent to the La Crete airstrip. La Crete is not far from High Level, and as such, when they wanted to put out a NOTAM (Notice to Airmen) about it, so pilots would not worry when they saw the smoke, they called the flight service station where I work. A pilot from La Crete, a friend of the farmers, actually made the call, and I took down the information, including the farmers’ name and phone numberin case I needed more info. The pilot explained that I should call William Dyck, but that the fire permit was in his father’s name, Isaac. I had to call William to get a little more information before I could put out the NOTAM, but it was done in short order. The farmer explained that he’d be burning this brush for 2 or 3 nights in a row.

Sure enough, the next day, William called me to tell me about the brush burning, and I took down the information. It is much easier the second time, once you know the format the NOTAM should be in. A few minutes later, an elderly man called, with the call display showing “Dyck, I.” He said he needed to let me know about some brush burning. I didn’t let him say very much before I politely interrupted him and said “oh, yes, I was just talking to another Dyck.” The man understood what I meant and the phone call was over in a matter of a minute. I guessed he was unaware that his son had already called. Meanwhile, my OJI and TS (Dione and Dick) were BUSTING their guts laughing, with both of them turning quite red as they tried not to make a sound just behind me.

I didn’t see what was so funny! After all, if your last name is Dyck, you come to terms with that in grade 1, when the kids in your class/school/bus find out what your last name is!! Anyhoo, they thought it was pretty funny.

I had another good one today, when I tried to ask a pilot what radial* he’d be flying on, outbound to a lake that he flies to several times a day, ferrying fishermen back and forth to a fishing lodge. There was another plane inbound from the North, and I just wanted to make sure they wouldn’t be too close together as he departed. I asked “What radio, correction, what radial will you be flying on?” He replied “This one.” I had a good laugh and then he came back on the air a few seconds later “oh, sorry, you meant what VOR radial? Uh, I’m on 307 to Bistcho Lake.” You see, earlier I had mentioned that his radio transmissions were bad quality when he was on the ground, taxiing for departure.

*radial – Radials are used to make ‘highways’ in the sky, so that flying is easier for the pilot and the shortest route between the departure point and destination is used. A specialized antenna produces a signal that an instrument in the cockpit can use to show exactly what direction the pilot is flying, either towards or away from the antenna. It’s very handy for flying from antenna to antenna, or to any other spot!

Well, that’s all for now! I have more blogs up my sleeve, but I’ll save them for another day! You’ll just have to check back again often! Take care, everybody! Enjoy the sun if you have it!


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