All Checked Out!

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Hi everybody! I thought those of you who have been cheering for me might like to know that I am all checked out!! I had my last official day of on-the-job-training on Friday! I had to really focus to make sure I didn’t make any mistakes those last few days, but I did it! I had Saturday off and I worked Sunday all by myself! It was a bit weird – super slow, so nothing to be worried about. In fact, yesterday was pretty slow, too, but today was not quite as bad. I am still making mistakes now and then, but they aren’t big ones, so overall, I am feeling pretty good. I think I am a bit nervous, too, but managing. Not like paralyzingly-OMG-how-can-I-do-this nervous! And lest you worry about travelling by air, now that you know that flight service specialists and air traffic controllers actually do make mistakes (it’s true, we do!), worry more about the shape that your pilot is in, since the responsibility for the safety of your flight rests squarely on the pilot’s shoulders. We just help out. So nothing to worry about! 🙂

Not much else going on… Steve is coming to visit me tomorrow (the one who leaves comments to my blog now and then)! Yay! I am so excited! It actually hasn’t been very long since I’ve seen him, and we talk on the phone fairly often, but it will be so great to see him again! I can’t wait to show him around town, and show him my new place – so far, only my sister Patricia has seen it, and it was completely empty at the time, since I was still living at the hotel. Now, I can go around town and get him to take pictures with me in them. Holding the camera at arm’s length really doesn’t work all that well…. and someday I will try and post some here. It’s a bit tricky, but I will try. When I have lots of time off, and no one is on the library computers…. and when I get them digitized…

Well, I hope that you’re all doing well. Remember to smile often, and laugh at yourself! The other day at work, I got to laugh at myself a couple of times! I said that a Jetstream helicopter was inbound (but Jetstreams are definitely not helicopters, they’re medium-sized planes), and the pilot I was talking to said “uuuuh, a Jetstream helicopter?” And, well, the other blooper is a little harder to explain. In fact, it will take a whole paragraph to explain, and I just don’t have time right now. So, tune in again later, and I’ll tell the story of the Dicks. Told you you’d want to check back later! 🙂 Take care everybody! Keep in touch, eh? And leave comments if ya got ’em!


One thought on “All Checked Out!

    Patricia said:
    May 24, 2006 at 2:55 pm

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! Still so happy for you. Three cheers for full pay and permanent jobs 🙂 You’ve worked so hard, you deserve it!!!

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