Bugs Like Rain

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Just to let you know, I’m on a time limit here, since the library closes in 15 minutes. Yikes! So, please ignore typos that I may make! 🙂

The title of this blog is meant to describe a situation, not a statement of what bugs enjoy. I have twice in the last 3 weeks experienced bugs hitting my windshield like rain – steady, small, rain. Gross, eh? I took a trip last weekend to the Northwest Territories! It was very nice – took less than 2 hours to get there and I WASN’T speeding – I am taking it easy on my car, as it needs some work done. A new CV joint on the right and a new engine exhaust flex hose. The result is a noisy, somewhat bumpy car! Anyhow, the highway north more or less follows the Hay River (to the town of Hay River, which was my destination). It is a nice drive, and along the way, there are 2 waterfalls! They are beautiful – makes Niagara Falls seem cheap and commercialized! I was the only human looking at those falls… I suspect there were some bears around, not too far, but I didn’t meet them and that’s all that mattered to me! It is quite a feeling to be in a place that is not actually that remote (just along the highway), yet you are the only person for, oh, maybe 100 km or so! Wild. The river valley is so beautiful, especially as you get closer to the town of Hay River. As I drove, I noticed the trees changing – less poplar, no birch, and the spruce get really, really skinny. They are still quite tall (not the stunted, pathetic trees you might expect), but skinny. And there are clearly a few different types, but beats me what they are! But they don’t grow in High Level, that’s for sure!

In the town of Hay River, it’s a bit different. I had heard people say that it reminded them of Newfoundland. I guess this is because of the small, old, no-longer-seaworthy boats that are dry-docked all over town! It is strange to see. And I drove out to where the river meets the lake – this is the Great Slave Lake (look it up on the map, it’s the one with Yellowknife on the opposite shore from Hay River). It’s clearly a big lake, but no different looking than other big lakes I’ve seen. Sandy beach, with lots of driftwood. It was cold and windy when I was there, so it was hard to imagine it being a nice spot in summer, but I’m sure it is.

For supper, I took a chance and tried a restaurant in town called “the Caribou Restaurant.” It went along with the “Caribou Motel,” which looked fairly nice and was apparently newly renovated. Anyhow, it didn’t look too slimy, although it was small, but there were 5 or 6 cars parked in front, so I figured that was a good sign! It turns out they have a very extensive menu that includes Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Thai food! So I tried some sushi and some Thai skewers, and it was great! Who’d have thunk it, that the closest sushi place would be about 3 hours north!?!? Cool, eh? I would have guessed Grand Prairie, 5 hours south.

Other than that, not much new… more things to blog about, for sure, but my time’s almost up. I am hoping to buy a computer relatively soon, so this problem should be gone then!! I am still on my check out, but I have been doing fairly good lately, so I should be done soon! If you’re the praying type, please do! It’s still hard to not make any mistakes. Oh, well! 🙂 That’s all for now! Take care, everybody!


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