So Many Aircraft, So Little Time!

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Hi everybody! Thought it was about time for another blog… At the moment, I’m at my parents’ place, having come home for the weekend. It has been a very eventful one. But first, an update on how work is going!

Things in the tower (pilot tally unchanged at 6!) are going good! I finished assessment period 4 (the 28th shift) on Wednesday with a bang. Okay, no actual bangs, but man was it busy! I could not keep up – literally, as soon as there was a gap, a little dead air, so-to-speak, a pilot would jump in, wanting to tell me where he was inbound from, our outbound to… except that I hadn’t necessarily finished giving all the info (or any info) to the last pilot! It was wild. I had 8 planes/helicopters I was keeping track of, and who I was communicating with, at one time. That might not sound like a lot, but it is! Imagine keeping 8 conversations going, except that you have to pass info on from one person to another, completely accurately, and none of them are talking to each other (theoretically, they don’t, although pilots sometimes do) and of course the planes are moving, so they situation is constantly changing… you get the idea. But I actually did really well (keeping ‘the picture’ the whole time and passing info along well), again proving that your brain expands to do what you need to do when you need to do it. On Thursday’s shift, it was rather quiet, and my brain subsequently shrank back down again to a meagre size. So let’s just say I made a few dumb mistakes, and Dione, being very nice, said “it wasn’t your best shift ever,” and that she now had much higher expectations for me. Great! An OJI with high expectations! That’s all I need! Just kidding. She’s great and I appreciate her guidance every step of the way. Soon, I won’t have her around any more to lean on and I will have to stand on my own! Yikes! I’m not ready! (But getting close…) 🙂

I’m going to do the next bit in a separate blog. Standby… 🙂


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