Living in Jeep Commercial

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Hi everybody! Long time, no blog, eh? Sorry about that. I do not have internet access at work, so I am here at the High Level Public Library where they have 3 computers for public use. Yay! And they are remarkably fast, and I can get on for free, so I’m happy! It’s my first day off in 7 days! It is very nice to have a day off, although work is going really well! I have been doing good – on the radio all day, doing most if not all of the weather observations (every hour!) and questions/assignments that I have to do as part of my training, or whatever other tasks come up. It’s going good! I am still getting along great with my OJI, Dione. She’s great. We are getting into the nuts and bolts of giving traffic advisories, and most of the time I’m doing alright. I sometimes forget to say the traffic right away, or I say it, but forget a piece of information, like what altitude the aircraft is at. Anyhoo, it’s going pretty good. I am in my third week of training (17th shift) and I have until the 35th shift before I am officially ‘checked out.’ This does not count any ‘checking out’ done by local pilots when they come up to the tower to meet the woman behind the voice!! 🙂 So far, the ‘pilot tally’ as I call it, is only at 4. 🙂

Some more thoughts on High Level… It’s really REALLY muddy at this time of year, and it’s great fun to go for walks and see the kids splashing in the puddles. When I drive down the roads, I feel like I am in a Jeep commercial, due to the amazing splashing that my car does as I cruise through a puddle. We’re talking about – what do they call them – rooster tails? Anyhow, there’s a wake behind, and the splashes are about 3 feet high on each side, I would say! These puddles are bigger than any kiddie pool I’ve ever seen, and in fact there are such large puddles in some areas that I worried my car might drown! I have significant mud splatter not just on the hood and trunk of my car, but my roof is completely muddy. So, I’m living in a Jeep commercial with a Nisaan Altima, but hey, it’s spring!! Yay! And in case you take this talk of mud and puddles too far, yes, the roads are paved, almost all of them, although my hotel parking lot notably is not! What a mess! 🙂 What else to say…. I went cross-country skiing a couple of times on some recreation trails they have. It was very nice. Not sure what I’m going to do to keep up with some form of exercise. There is a gym in town, and I might go today to check it out. Could be interesting!!

I am really excited because my sister is coming up to visit tomorrow! It should be good – even though I found out today that my furniture and the rest of my stuff will not be arriving until Saturday! I was hoping I’d be in my new place. So, I have a completely empty apartment, which is huge and bright and super-nice (I’ll have to talk about that another day), and I’m still in the hotel. But, I have no complaints, since I went from NCTI with housekeeping ladies that came twice a week, to Our Place (hotel) where they come every day and even wash my dirty dishes!! I am so spoiled. And my new place has a dishwasher. 🙂

Well, that’s all I have time for! Hope everyone is doing well! I am so glad for this blog so I can keep you updated. I will be bugging Nav Can when I get back to work on Thursday for internet access. I need it for internet banking!! (besides blogging)! 🙂 I’m going to wash my car…


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