A whole new level of excitement!

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Sorry about the punny title. Can’t help it!

Just a few new things to report – bought a ton (a few hundred pounds for sure) of furniture in the last 48 hours. Also got quite a bit donated! Got a couch and chair, kitchen table and chairs, TV, small table, kettle and a few towels from my parents, friends, and neighbours! Bought a bed, dresser, large storage box/chest/thingy, small coffee table and 2 round side tables from IKEA (woo hoo! Hence the title of this blog) and a cabinet from another store, and a desk and office chair from another store… it’s been a shopping frenzy! Not to mention packing and moving all my boxes into one room. So far, so good! It’s all piled up in that one room, and there’s even (a little) room to move! 🙂 On the whole, it’s not nearly as bad/tiring as the move from Sudbury.

But the real excitement was tonight! I went out to check the cows for Mom – nothing new there – but this time there was a newborn! It couldn’t have been born long. It was pretty wet-looking, and was in the snow, so it had snow stuck to it. Poor thing! Another reason I could tell it was pretty new was that it was so wobbly! It was trying to get up, sort of, but shivering! So would you be if you were just squeezed out in the snow, with the temperature about -5 and the wind blowing at about 20 km/hr! Anyhow, I told Mom and she was going to move it and its mom into a little barn we have. She loaded it up on the sleigh (did I mention all the snow we got?!?!) and started pulling it to the little barn. Well, that mother cow would not follow! She’s a smart one, and she wanted to stay with the herd and we figure she knew that if she stayed back, Mom would have to turn around and bring the calf back. And that’s exactly what she had to do when the cow refused to follow. Anyhow, it’s probably all going to be fine, since the little guy is now on the straw instead of snow and is dry! 🙂 Pretty cool to see such a tiny little thing so feisty and hardy! Makes me want to go winter camping. No, maybe not. I’ll stick to, uh, summer camping. Or, summer trips to the lake for the day. Hmmm, have to find a lake in High Level! 🙂 Ah, yes, there’s one right near the airport. Not sure if it has a beach, though!

Well, that’s all for now. I am driving back tomorrow, so I may be out of touch for a while again. Sorry! Hopefully, I’ll get my internet access soon. While I’m away, contemplate how a car can get stuck in a back alley full of snow, and I’ll tell you that story later! 8) Take care everybody!


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