Life in High Level

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Sorry to keep you all in suspense! I have no internet access in High Level at the moment… in fact, I’m writing this from my mom’s computer as I have so many times before! I’m home for a few days after working 7 in a row and I have to get everything ready to move up there… but first things first!

The drive to High Level went well! It is a bit long… 840 km from my parents’ place. So, it’s a bit long, but not insanely long (compared to driving from Sudbury, for instance). Typical road signs, you see ’em every 30 km or so:
– Logging trucks turning 300 m (the first time I saw that sign, I thought it said 300 km! Wow!)
– deer
– moose (including those menacing larger-than-life signs (well, as-large-as-life in the case of moose))
Non-typical road signs:
– Rock slide area, be prepared to stop
– Northwest Territories Border (with an arrow pointing to the right. This sign is at the turnoff after Peace River. No mention of High Level!)
– Twin Lakes population 2 (This sign I did not see myself (probl’y too small), but someone in High Level swears it is true!)

I also saw a sign in Peace River (not a road sign): Tresspassers will be prosecuted/Used car lot under surveillance/Night watchman on duty/Sorry and thanks for your co-operation 🙂 Tee hee! I swear it’s true!

So the trip there was mostly uneventful. The hotel in Peace River did not know I had a cat (I forgot to mention him when I made the reservation – I was just so glad to get a room!!) so I had to pay an extra 25 dollars for him! I was just glad they let him stay and he didn’t have to sleep in the car!

The job… The job is great! It is so much better than the simulator! 🙂 Which is just what I was expecting, but you never really know ’til you get there. My OJI (on-the-job instructor) is great! We get along really well, which is good since we’ve been car-pooling and working side-by-side *literally* almost every minute of every shift. I have learned a lot about the local area – already have about 30 new place abbreviations learned – and the local airlines and operators – and I have already done quite a bit of talking on the radio! Dione (my OJI) had me on the radio on the second day! I wasn’t ready! But I did okay – it was a very simple advisory (about 2 sentences) I had to say. I’ve been on every day since, for a half-hour sometimes, for a few hours sometimes. All 7 shifts were evenings, so after 6 pm it was usually pretty slow… a perfect time for me to try talking and handling pilots. We had some extra flights, too, like medevacs, so that added some extra work. I have also been talking with controllers, and find they are quite a bit nicer than I thought they might be. I try my best to listen fast, ’cause they talk pretty fast, but it is going good so far!

Well, I don’t want to go on and on… and it is getting late here, so I am going to go for now and leave the rest for later! More to say, for sure! 🙂 Tune in tomorrow (or Sunday, we’ll see)! Take care everybody! And can someone let me know if Danielle’s had her baby yet!?!? Thanks! Or give me her home e-mail? Thanks!


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