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I got back to Alberta late Tuesday night – it’s great to be back! 🙂 Tuesday it snowed and by the time I arrived in the evening, there was about 10 inches of new snow. The roads were interesting; on the Rolly View road, you couldn’t quite tell where the road ended and ditch began! My sister picked me up and drove like a granny, which she usually doesn’t, but that’s how bad the roads were! 🙂 I was going to check the runway surface condition report when I got home, but I forgot. I figure it was maybe 100 foot centre line with 2 inches loose snow, remainder snow drifts 3-4 inches deep! It took the plane quite a while to slow down… but I got there safely, and that’s all that matters!

Wednesday, I started into the farm routine early… my parents had to go into Edmonton, so I offered to gather the eggs and check the cows. The cows are calving – we have a new calf or two born every day! More about that later. So, as I’m walking out to gather eggs, I hear a little noise. I look to my right and what do I see? A chicken, standing outside the small chicken house, in a little clearing beside the wall, with the snow beside it about as tall as the chicken!! Even the chickens are adventurous around here!! So, I think that the chicken must have escaped, so I snuck up on it and picked it up and put it back in with all the others. There was another chicken under the chicken house, but I was not going to be able to reach it, so I figured tough luck for it! Later, after checking the cows, I saw there was another chicken standing there, and I could see the other one still underneath! What is this?! That time I walked by; I figured if they wanted out that badly, they would have to stay out. Once my mom and dad got home, I found out that they open the door to the chicken house every afternoon and the chickens sometimes wander about in the snow! I know they roam free in the summer, but I never would have guessed they do in winter too.

As for the cows, luckily that time there were no new calves being born. In a little while, I am going to check for my mom, so she can sleep a bit more. This afternoon, I was helping her give hay and green feed to the cows and I almost saw a calf being born! One minute, the cow was just starting and 5 minutes later, the calf was out, shaking and quaking, and the cow was taking care of it. 5 minutes later, the calf was trying to get up, and 5 minutes later again, it was up and in the little calf shelter! It’s so amazing to see something so small that is so lively and intent on getting going. It was soaking wet in -8 degree weather! But, they don’t really get cold, my mom said, because the goop they’re covered with is sort of like antifreeze. More new things learned today! I also had some fun while taking the string off a round bale with about 15 cows converging on the bale to eat! Luckily, Dad’s cows are mild mannered (for the most part) and I just sort of shouldered my way past them.

As for my dad… he’s doing alright. Today he was up and about a bit more than before (recap: he had major surgery 2 weeks ago to remove his prostate). He even went for coffee with his old farmer friends. The pain is getting better and he’s able to move around more and the spark is coming back to him. It was a bit scary when I first got home; he just wasn’t himself at all. So, slowly but surely, he’s getting better and the good news is they got all the cancer and he won’t need any follow up! Praise God for that! I don’t know how a person could face any more treatment after the surgery he’s been through.

That’s all for now! I’ll be moving to High Level next week – just my personal stuff. Furniture and whatnot will come later. I’ll keep you updated! Take care everybody!


One thought on “Farm Adventures

    Stevenevraumont said:
    March 9, 2006 at 1:09 am

    Loose Chickens, Cows which look so innocent and benign. Its far too easy…

    Be careful of the ones who seem helpless and weak. They can turn on you if you fail to respect them. Baware! See link below =P

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