The Beginning

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I have a real feeling that this is just the beginning! 🙂 I’ve had a good day yesterday – we had our last day of classes, which was learning all about NARDS (not nerds!) – Nav Canada Auxilliary Radar Defense System. It’s a very cool computer program that takes radar data and displays it so that controllers and FSS can undertand and plan the aircraft traffic better. It’s very flexible software, and can be customized and adjusted, depending on what the needs of the airport are. You can even search the database to find a particular plane. So, although I was tired, it was not a bad day altogether. The reason I feel like it’s just the beginning is that I know I still have lots to learn, and now I have to start learning the airspace and many little airports around High Level. And I know I’ll have lots of fine-tuning to bring my accuracy to 100% and my mistakes to nil (or as close to it as I can)!

Last night, Joyce came down from Sudbury! It is so great to see her again. What a treat! So we are hanging out and getting caught up on things, and having great conversations about everything under the sun, as usual. Last night (this morning, actually) I also had to say good bye to my friend Steve. It was not easy, and I know I will miss him a lot. We were able to talk about anything, and I felt so very comfortable with him. But, he’s moving up to Norman Wells – and you thought High Level was far north!

Today was spent with Joyce – sleeping in, chatting, having lunch (missed breaky), and then a bit of shopping in the megalopolous of the Cornwall mall. 🙂 Well, they actually do have several clothing stores, plus Sears, so we did good. I bought some shoes for graduation, and Joyce bought me a nice top that I will wear with a black skirt. And I found a variety of other things, and happily put them all on my VISA! What a better way to celebrate being done the training!!?!? Make some more debt so that I have good motivation to check out in High Level! 🙂

I think I’m going to do a blog on “Top ten nice things to tell yourself in the morning.” Only, at the moment, I only have about 5! So, if you have any ideas, e-mail them to me, or put them in as comments, okay? Take care, everybody!


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