A Sweet List

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We got this list today, finally!! Here it is, and it’s got some pretty nice places on it! In order from west to east (that’s the order we got it in):

– Port Hardy, BC
– Castlegar, BC
– High Level, AB
– La Ronge, SK
– Churchill, MB
– Winnipeg FIC, MB – 2 positions!!
– Thunder Bay, ON
– Iqualuit, NU
– Wabush, NL

Now you just want to grab the nearest atlas or map, don’t ya!?! 🙂 Port Hardy is on the north tip of Vancouver Island; Castlegar is in the BC interior, near the US border, very nice spot; High Level is north of Grande Prairie; La Ronge is north of everything else in Saskatechewan!; You’d better know where Winnipeg is!!; Ditto for Thunder Bay; Iqualuit is on Baffin Island (used to be Frobisher Bay) – the farthest north place by far; and Wabush is in Labrador, inland, near the Quebec border.

So, we all have some thinking to do. Some people already have a pretty good idea of where they want to go, others are quite undecided. I have some ideas, but no decisions yet. High Level and La Ronge are appealing because they are driving distance to my parents (and all my family, in fact). So, they will probably be on my list. But, we have 3 choices, and I’m not sure what I will put third. We have until Monday morning to decide. We already had a short class meeting, and talked about everybody’s top pick. So far, no one wants Thunder Bay, and only 1 guy wants the Winnipeg FIC. We were very surprised to see the FIC on there, as normally, grads don’t go straight to a FIC. So, anyhoo, we’ll see how it all unfolds!!

Other than that, we had a practice test for weather obs today. It was, of course, a lot of numbers. I really started to feel like an accountant, especially when it comes to the monthly summary – just transfering numbers from one column to another, adding up columns, taking means (averages), moving them around on the page… About half the class finished the test, and I did. It was very tough, but the man giving the test, Roger, warned us that it would be. It had thunderstorms, heavy rain, heavy hail, you name it!! Tomorrow’s test should be easier, but there’s the multiple choice part to worry about, too!

Well, I should get going. I should do a bit of studying yet… Just wanted to pass on the much-anticipated list! Leave comments if ya got ’em! Take care everybody!


3 thoughts on “A Sweet List

    Patricia said:
    February 10, 2006 at 2:59 am

    OK, you wanted comments… HIGH LEVEL???? That’s a scary place full of scary people – I know firefighters who were scared there! 6 hours drive from Grande Prairie – 12 hours from home. The ‘Peg is almost closer!!!! I’ve been to Peace River, halfway to High Level, and that’s about close enough. Please call me!

    Please think about Castlegar and Port Hardy and Winnipeg. They’re more accessible than La Ronge and High Level! What’s up with the whole nobody wanting to go to Winnipeg thing?! Anyway. That’s my two cents…

    Love ya! Can’t wait to talk to you.

    Alain said:
    February 11, 2006 at 12:11 am

    Winnipeg should have an NHL team sooner than any other…. Making it more likely for an SN road trip. (at least for Mike T and myself)

    As for those in BC, Dominique is flying out there. Would that not be an interesting run in? (I guess when talking aviation “run in” may not be the best way to put it)

    Still reading up and glad to hear all (aside from the guys’ talk) is going well.

    To update you, since I don’t know if anyone’s mentioned it, Danielle is most likely leaving for her Maternity leave in this upcoming week. She’s doing great. (if you don’t have any way of contacting her she’ll soon be setting something up Off-work which I’ll gladly pass along to you).

    Enjoy your time and just know that even if some of us aren’t posting, we’re still reading and thinking of you.

    Patricia said:
    February 12, 2006 at 6:56 pm

    OK, I got your message from mom & dad. Consider the deep breath taken. I understand about High Level and the permanent position thing. Good luck, whatever you decide!!!

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