Listless Studying

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Well, as you’ve probably guessed by the title, we are still listless! However, Duane told us this evening that he finally got the list this afternoon and we will get the list tomorrow. (For those of you just tuning in, the list contains the places that we will possibly be posted to. It’s a much anticipated piece of paper.) So, it is a little easier knowing that the list is in the building (so to speak!) and that we’ll get it tomorrow for sure. After our weather obs practice test. Also, since tomorrow is Thursday, they pretty much have to give us the weekend to make our decisions, so we have extra time to think about it all, which is great!!

Other than that, we’ve been doing quite a bit of weather obs studying. It involves a lot of numbers; the other day, we had a fully-completed weather form, with 36 observations on it (24 hourly and 12 ‘specials’), plus synoptic codes (done every 6 hours). Our assignment was to look through it and see if we could find the mistakes. It was like “where’s Waldo” searching through all the little numbers in little boxes, as well as the weather codes that we know. Some codes are logical (SN = snow, SHSN = snow showers (flurries), RA = rain), and some are not (GR = hail, GS = snow pellets, PL = ice pellets). And there are a hundred little rules to remember about what whether phenomena can be reported as recent if it happened 65 minutes ago, or what the abbreviation for “visible” is. Anyhow, it is great for a detail person like me!!

Not much else to say… lunch and dinner were better today. I ate lunch late because I had worked out and I ate supper early because I had a sim run right away after supper. I was standing in line waiting for the cafeteria door to open, and I got to chatting with one of the women from the VFR class. So, I ended up eating with a few of them, and they are all very nice and of course I appreciated the change in company!!

So, check back tomorrow as I post The List. >insert suspense music here< 🙂

One thought on “Listless Studying

    Patricia said:
    February 9, 2006 at 7:05 pm

    So??? What’s up with the list??? What’s the prime spot?? Inquiring minds want to know!! (I can’t be the only one!)

    Holding my breath til I hear…

    Call me tonight if you have time and/or the energy. I can even call you right back, save you the long distance!

    OK, I’ll go back to waiting patiently now 🙂

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