Beige Bathing Suits!

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Beige bathing suits should be illegal!!! Or any skin-coloured bathing suit, realizing that not all people are beige. The worst offenders do seems to be the beige, however; often older men, but the phenomena has been seen in teenage girls as well! This atrocity surpasses age and gender barriers; no matter what, a person should not wear beige to the pool or the beach!! It causes everyone in the swimming area to do a double-take – for whatever reason – and can cause a high level of apprehension (or anticipation, depending on the person…). No matter how clean your mind – I am convinced this would be true of a Tibetan monk – you cannot help but look again! Out of shock, denial, curiosity, horror, or simple fact-finding, you must look again! It is awful! Of all the lovely colours in nature, why would you choose to wear beige? The answer perhaps is simple ignorance and lack of foresight. Perhaps the person simply does not like bright, or dark, or light colours. Or could it be as malicious as a person whose desire is to solicit the second looks so desperately needed by an insecure soul? If I ever actually talk to someone who is wearing such a fashion mishap, I will have to ask. (In case you haven’t guessed, I walked by the pool today and saw a woman wearing a – you guesed it – beige bikini top.)

On a completely unrelated note, we had pyroghies at supper, and they were delicious!! One thing that does well deep-fried! 🙂 Yummm…. Catch ya later, everybody!


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