Finished Eval #2

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Well, I’m finished day number 4. I had my eval this morning at about 11:20 am, and I was pretty calm going in. Last night, I struggled with my thoughts, to not get too negative… but, every day is a new day, and I woke up feeling like I could do it. I sure do sort out a lot of stuff in my dreams… and I’ve been dreaming of Eddie lately (my cat). Not sure what that means. I guess I miss him. 🙂

Anyhoo, let me recap. At the end of day 2 (or before the runs on day 3), our course director was going to approach us and let us know if we were NOT passing in an area. Thank God, he did not come and talk to me, so I knew I was doing okay, so far. Yesterday’s run (day 3) was pretty complicated, and I did alright, except for one not-so-small thing. Part-way into the run, I had a pilot give me a pirep (pilot weather report) reporting moderate icing in cloud (this is where ice builds up on the wings, etc, and can be potentially quite dangerous), as the plane was descending to the airport from the northeast. So, I made a note of it, put it in the computer, and then every time a plane called up, I told myself that I did not have to pass it on, because none of the planes were going northeast. I even said it out loud, as I was talking to myself quite a bit in the run. WELL, I was wrong. Because the cloud was extensive, that icing could have been going on anywhere in the cloud, and I let several planes land and take off without giving them that vital information. So, I lost somewhere between 25-30 marks for that, which is quite a few, although the whole eval is out of something like 1600 marks. So, that was a pretty big mistake and I was kicking myself for doing it.

This morning, my instructor from yesterday came and found me and told me not to worry too much, because that mistake had only caused my mark in that section to drop to 79%. So, that’s pretty close, and if I just did all right in the final run, I’d be okay. A little while later, I did my run (with a different instructor) and I think I did alright. I know I made a few mistakes, and didn’t do a few computer-related things in a very timely way, but I think I did okay overall. So, hopefully, our course director will add up all the marks tonight and let us know if we passed or not. The section that I had 79% on is the “airport advisory” section and I really have to pass it. I do not get to redo it because I had the redo on the first eval. So, hopefully I passed, and especially that section. 🙂 I will make another entry when I hear either way.

I would like to add that God is good! I have been stressed, tired, and overwhelmed at times, and through it all, He has been a calming influence, always helping me to turn my thoughts around (to a more positive side). He’s been giving me strength and a great deal of insight and wisdom, even when I’m in the thick of things in the simulator. No matter what happens, if I pass or if I fail, I praise Him and thank Him for bringing me this far, and for giving me this opportunity. 🙂

Have a great day, everybody!


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