Calm, Thinking Clearly

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Just a quick update on the last 2 days… yesterday’s aviation test was pretty hard, the hardest one yet, I would say. It had some pretty obscure questions on it, stuff that I never would have thought to study, but I passed it alright, so I’m happy about that. There were 2 guys in the class who are not so happy, but for both of them, it was the first test they’d failed, so there are no repercussions. They don’t have to go home and they don’t have to re-write. So, it all worked out pretty good in the end. There is going to be quite a bit of studying for the last aviation test, still about a month away, and there is a ton of material. Oh, well, one day at a time!! 🙂

As for today’s sim run, it went the best of any run this week. I was calm, thinking clearly and had a good grasp of everything going on around me, even though it was pretty busy. I forgot some things I had to do when one piece of equipment failed (it was simulated to fail), but I was quite busy at the time with airplanes, so I think that they would give me a bit of a break on that. Just think, what would the world be like if everyone was more calm, and thinking clearly. It would be a beautiful thing. You know, we don’t spend much time at all thinking about how we are thinking, do we? Or what we are thinking about? Not to over-analyze things, but to think about what to think about. I am going to try and think about being calm next week, during the evals, because being calm makes a HUGE difference. It is the difference between being able to handle the many things happening all at once (or almost all at once) and barely being able to do even the most basic tasks. And it will probably be the difference between a pass or fail.

So, I am taking tonight off! And on the weekend, I am going to think about planes (no trains) and automobiles 🙂 and how to keep them from colliding with each other. And practice with some of the guys… and think calm, level-headed thoughts. Have a cool, calm and collected weekend, everybody! 🙂


One thought on “Calm, Thinking Clearly

    Patricia said:
    January 23, 2006 at 10:04 pm

    Oh, I’m totally into “thinking about how I’m thinking”! Love that idea. I’m just not very good at it in a crisis… Glad that staying calm and clear helped this week – I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for you.

    Have a great week!!

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