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Teresa’s Top Ten Healthy Hints*

*By no means do I live by these hints all the time, but I have found them to be helpful, so I thought I’d pass them on!! I don’t mean to sound preachy!

10. Steam your eyes once a week. I actually do this about every second day, but for the average person, putting a warm, moist, clean face cloth over your eyes for a few minutes and then gently scrubbing along the eyelashes about once a week will help keep the pores along your eyelash line clear. These pores are very, very small. If they get clogged, your eyes don’t get enough moisture. My optometrist in Sudbury (Dr. Azzola) taught me this one, and also mentioned that it is the reason that many people have dry eyes. For me, clogged pores can cause very painful stys – so I steam my eyes regularly!!

9. Everybody knows about exercise, but exercise your eyes too!! Focusing on close things too much puts quite a strain on them. Now and then, every 20 minutes or so if you’re doing a lot of reading, they need to be stretched – that is, to focus on something farther away. Thanks again to Dr. Azzola!

8. Speaking of stretching…. Stretching more gets the blood moving, removed wastes in the muscles and helps you to wake up!! Stretching the back helps the brain because it circulates your spinal cord fluid, which also extends into the bottom of the skull. I think my chiropractor in Sudbury (Dr. Kahkonen) taught me that one!!

7. Loosen the tight muscles. As some of you know, I have rather lovely ‘rocks’ of tension on my neck/shoulders. But there is a little-known muscle that sort of wraps around your pelvis somehow, and if it gets tight, it can cause all sorts of problems, including hip, lower back, abdominal problems, even constipation! My massage therapist friend in Sudbury (Christine Desbiens) told me that one! To help it out, feel for a muscle that runs across the top of the pelvis bone on the front, and apply a little pressure. Or, go see a massage therapist!

6. Don’t touch door knobs. Or hand rails, doors in general, walls, all those surfaces that hundreds of people touch every day. Unless you have to, because it is a pull door. ๐Ÿ™‚ Or imagine all the germs on this keyboard that I am using right now in the common room for computers. Uck! And also, not touching your face/eyes/mouth helps any germs you may have picked up (from pulling on the door or typing) to stay out of your system. I’m still working on this one.

5. Eat the whole apple. There is a chemical in the seeds that is very good for you and your immune system. And the core is fibre!!! It won’t kill ya! And then you don’t need to find a garbage can when you’re done. Okay, you might need to throw away the stem. ๐Ÿ™‚

4. Cut out refined sugar. Or cut back. It really really inhibits your immune system, not to mention what it can do to your moods, blood sugar, weight, etc. So I try to eat very little. There’s a bit in the yogurt, I assume, and of course I am not talking about fruit sugars… your brain does need sugar to function (case in point, my simulator run on Tuesday!) but I try to keep it in moderation.

3. You are what you eat. If this is true, why don’t we eat veggies when we ‘veg out?’ Overall, I feel better when I eat more veggies, especially the uncooked ones (but that could be just because the cooked veggies at NCTI are very mushy) and in general, when I eat lighter (less fried, less fatty, less food overall)!! And take a multi-vitamin. There is no way that you can get all that great stuff your body needs (vitamins and minerals) in your diet.

2. Think O2. This is what I call my “brain tea.” It is made by the company “Traditional Medicinals” and that’s what it’s called – “Think O2.” The major ingredient is ginko leaf, about 330 mg. Ginko is known to help memory and brain function, and I certainly think it has helped mine! Incidentally, since ChristmasI have stopped consuming caffeine – and I feel pretty good about it!! My ‘sleepy times’ in the day are no worse than before, and my nerves are better and my stomach is a bit more settled (not counting eval times) and I think I possibly even get to sleep better. Hard to say on the last one.

…and the number one thing to be healthy, according to me!!…

1. Be kind to yourself. What you say to yourself in your head is the most important thing for feeling good each day. Well, what God says to you is also important, but He’s usually harder to hear. ๐Ÿ™‚ And if you can’t hear Him in the literal sense (not many can!) then you can always read the Bible a bit, which is also his word. Not to make this religious, ’cause it’s not. Even if you don’t believe in God, or are not sure what to believe, you will still feel better if you are kind to yourself and those around you. No doubt about that! ๐Ÿ™‚

I am sure that you all have hints and things that you have learned too, to be healthy and feel better – Joyce, you do! Patricia? Mom? Anybody!? How about leaving a comment? I like comments!! You can even be anonymous if you prefer. Or you can e-mail!! A big hello to Aunty Kathy who left a comment the other day!!

As for a quick update… My sim run on Tuesday was horrible – about the worst I have had in months. I think it is partially because it was quite early in the morning and I had only protein for breakfast (and fat – gads!). I was also quite nervous. Today’s run went a lot better. I had sugar for breakfast – just kidding!! But I did make sure to have a bit of sugar… I still know I made quite a few mistakes, but I felt like I was thinking better, and it was even earlier than yesterday! (Many of you know I am not a morning person. This is quite an understatement.) The studying is done for the test tomorrow (hence the blog). I’ll keep you posted about how it goes!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Off to bed for me!

3 thoughts on “Another Top Ten

    Patricia said:
    January 23, 2006 at 10:03 pm

    Hey Ter! My top 10 would look a lot like yours, and I’d add avoiding red meat to that list (as un-Albertan of me as THAT is!!!).

    But this week, I’d say my #1 tip is LISTEN TO YOUR BODY. When something hurts, stop doing it. If you keep hurting get it fixed. DON’T ignore it for three weeks and then whine about how bad it is and how it isn’t getting better, and mope about how you can’t exercize. I can tell ya, it’s not working very well for me, anyway… And well, I guess you CAN mope, but you won’t get much sympathy for long. But thankfully I start physio tomorrow, so at least THERE I have to whine so they know what hurts! In the meantime, I’m rotating painkillers ๐Ÿ™‚ Wheee!!!

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