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Well, life is chugging along… this week, we’re doing a lot of weather. We’ve had 2 days of observing, and although it is only technically 4 hourly observations, which get transmitted on the computer as well as put down on paper, we also have to do check observations on the half-hour and mark those down on paper, so it is a total of 7 obs per day. Unless there is all sorts of bad/changing weather going on, and then it could be even more! So, we dash outside, look around at the clouds, get our thermometers ready, or read our thermometers, or dip our thermometers in water and rotate them, and then dash back inside for a little while… you get the idea! It’s a lot of thermometer work right now, because it’s all manual. Later, there will be digital thermometers – Oooo!!

It was totally blue sky as we ate lunch, and by the time we had our first observation, there were a few clouds… by the second observation, we had LOTS of clouds roll in, and most of us got the cloud types and heights all messed up! Then it stabilized, thankfully, so the subsequent observations were easier. And I made a few really silly mistakes, which I hope not to make again tomorrow. It’s 2 days down, 2 to go!! (Friday will be a regular class day.)

And did I mention that we have 4 sim runs this week? Monday – Thursday. That’s the most we’ve ever had in a week, and we’ve now officially covered all the material that will be in eval 2, coming up in 2 weeks, so we are just practicing everything, trying to remember the myriad of details that comes up in each run! Yesterday’s run was quite a bit slower than the previous run (that run was very busy), so it was nice to have a little time to think. And to say all that new phraseology! I still managed to forget a few simple things/procedures, but did well in most other ways. I slowed down my talking speed a bit, and I found that helped. 🙂

Not much else is new… The french class had their first evals and they had 4 people unsuccessful on the first try, and 2 passed the re-eval. So, there were 8 of them and now they’re down to 6, which is a pretty small class! Come to think of it, the last french class had 6 graduate, so hopefully everyone will make it to the end!

And I’d like to extend a hearty welcome to the NCTI people who are reading this blog from time to time. That’s all for now… must go decide how to spend the next 2.5 hours before my run… Take care, everybody!


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