You Wanted Suspense!!

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I just had a really great day!! It was full of intrigue, hard work (which is not very intriguing), ending off with a climax, some relax, and then a run in the simulator! All the excitement and adventure you have come to expect and appreciate from “Adventures with Teresa,” so I thought I’d share them! Also, I am just way to wired to sleep right now, and everyone else seems to have gone to bed, so what else to do but add a blog entry!?!

I started out today with sleeping in, snacking, and then a little studying (not so exciting, but it’ll get better). The studying was for the Weather Observing test we had coming up right after lunch. And it was a doosey!! I promised intrigue, right?! Man, it was hard, and I was pretty intrigued to know what some of the answers were. Especially the last question of the first part (there were 3 parts). It seemed that none of the answers were right, so I was stuck trying to decide what to do!! I ended up picking the least wrong one, but I’ll be interested to see what they wanted as the answer when we have the test review in, oh, about 10 days. The second and third parts of the test were open-book, which always makes me worried, and yeah, it was hard, too. It was a very good thing I had tape flags in my MANOBS book (one of the references) because I was looking up a lot of things!! Yikes. After the test, we had the usual debrief (among classmates, I mean) where you realize all the other things you got wrong! Oh, well. I was really hoping I had passed, because I made quite a few mistakes. I’ll hold off on telling you for a bit to build suspense!! 🙂

Then, we had one more period of class (the test took up 3 periods). It was theoretical met (meteorology), where we learned more about the hazards of icing (not the kind on cakes, although that can be quite hazardous to your health, too!), turbulence, and the nastiness of thunderstorms in general. At the end of that class, the guy who had administered the test came down and gave us our marks – on the first day back after Christmas, we’ll get to go over the tests and see what we did wrong. It is really nice to see it and have a little while to review it and try to learn from your mistakes! Some of us passed and some of us failed, but I’ll wait to tell you who.

The rest of the day was sort of free, for me at least, until the simulator runs. Mine was at 10:00 pm, hence the late blog time, and it was really fun! It was a very busy run, which I had heard from some classmates, and as I hinted at in an earlier blog, the weather was bad. No more bright sunny days for us!! It was snowing, which made seeing planes pretty difficult, and there was a lot of weather info to give, and to practice the newest thing we’ve learned, PIREPS. This is short for Pilot Weather Report, and when the weather is bad, we have to ask for them, to find out exactly how bad it really is. For example, when you are flying, and the pilot tells you that the turbulence you are experiencing will be ending soon, that is probably because another pilot reported what they experienced and so they know how severe it is. Anyhow, there’s a whole set of criteria for them, and when and how to say them, the usual. And, I did well! One of the pretend pilots popped her head in afterwards and said that I was the best one she had heard all night! That makes me smile! 🙂 My instructor said I did really well, too, but he’s a pretty easy going guy, so I’m not too surprised he said that. Anyhow, it is nice to have a compliment on a run that was so hard, and sometimes I can sure use the encouragement!

So, class is finally over before Christmas, nothing more to do, except a little packing before I leave tomorrow for Edmonton!! Yay! And yes, I passed the test! 🙂 Unfortunately, one guy did not, although he came really close. Maybe he will gain the 2 percent he needs when we review the test. And I’m SO EXCITED to be coming home for Christmas!! I have been repressing the excitement for days, and now it is all coming out! Yippee!!



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