Read the Signs!

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Top 10 signs that you might be stressed:
(and I swear they have all happened to me)

10. You accidentally walk around with all the zippers of your backpack open.

9. You find commercials unbearably irritating.

8. You forget how to spell common words.

7. You find listening to music a pleasant escape, and want to do it everywhere you go.

6. When you are alone, you forget for short periods of time that other people exist.

5. Personal hygiene takes a back seat to food.

4. You feel lonely for your slippers.

3. You catch yourself wondering if you can grab a quick nap as you drive from one errand to another.

2. You realize halfway through the day that you put your legs through the wrong holes in your underwear!

… and after that last one…

1. As you leave your house (or room), you find yourself checking if you’re fully dressed.

Have a good day everybody!! 🙂


One thought on “Read the Signs!

    Anonymous said:
    December 21, 2005 at 10:55 pm

    OK, #2 is just scary!!! Glad you’ve still got your sense of humour, though…

    Probably won’t see you til Monday – we are doing our usual Friday night at Robin & Heather’s (a little bit of sanity before the Christmas holiday insanity!). Then the Christmas marathon begins on Saturday… We’ll have to try to do a dinner again while you’re here, at the very least.

    Hey, I’m listening to a French pop group right now – did you ever come across Les Respectables in your travels out east there?!? I found them courtesy of a friend at work with very good taste. Of course, my French is so bad, I can only really follow the choruses where there’s enough repetition for me to keep up 🙂 Anyway, it occurred to me that maybe they’d come to Sudbury – my friend’s wife met them when they were on a flight to Edmonton to play! Must have been at the Faculte.

    Anyway, you’re busy, I’ll leave you alone!

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